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event 24 нояб. 2015

Video Interview // A Video Interview with Sandra Postel of the Global Water Policy Project at the BSR Conference 2015

At the BSR Conference 2015, we sat down with plenary speakers and sustainability thought leaders to discuss resilience in their organizations and…

event 12 нояб. 2015

Video // The other inconvenient truth

by Jonathan Foley at TEDxTC

event 02 нояб. 2015

Video // The Nexus between Energy, Food and Water

Live Q&A with Saurav Jha

event 24 сент. 2015

Video // The Water Rooms - The Water Nexus Games

A film by UNESCO WWAP: The interconnections between water, energy, food and environment are like a board game. To win, all the players need to gather…

event 24 сент. 2015

Video // The Water Rooms - Where is Water?

Where and how much freshwater is there in the world? What is humans impact on water and how "real" is virtual water? 2nd movie of "The Water Rooms"…

event 24 сент. 2015

Video // The Water Rooms - Where is Water?

Where and how much freshwater is there in the world?

event 07 сент. 2015

Video // DSDS 2014 - Delhi Sustainable Development Summit: Energy, Water and Food Security for All

Water security, energy security and food security are the greatest Problems India is facing today, says Lisa Grande of UNEP

event 31 авг. 2015

Video // 2015 Water-Energy-Food Nexus

A video in Arabic of the panel discussion at seminar on the Water-Energy-Food Nexus conducted at Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain on April 27, 2015.…

event 20 авг. 2015

Video // United Nations University (UNU-FLORES)

presented on the 2015 Word Water Week Stockholm

event 30 июн. 2015

Video // How science might resolve conflicts between water, energy and food

Global efforts to try and improve energy, water and food supplies are becoming increasingly necessary.

event 22 июн. 2015

Video // The Nexus Conference 2014. Water. Food. Climate. Energy. What's the Solution?

This is a motion graphic created and published by University of North Carolina students for the Nexus Conference in 2014.

event 13 мая 2015

Video // Sustainability in the Water-Energy-Food Nexus

Achieving water, energy and food security for everyone is one of the greatest challenges humankind faces today, as this video outlines.

event 11 мая 2015

Video // Tackling complexity in a changing climate: the water-energy-food nexus in low income countries

by Louise Karlberg (Stockholm Environment Insitutute) as a Webinar for the The International Center for Climate Governance (ICCG) on May 8th, 2015

event 03 февр. 2015

Video // Planet Under Pressure

A new climate security agenda.

event 20 янв. 2015

Video // Water is at the heart of climate change adaptation

A video to show the importance of water in striving for climate change resilience.

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