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COP27 // A Just and Equitable Energy and Water Transition in a Changing Climate

At COP 27, countries come together in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt for the largest annual gathering on climate action. This session explores how understanding governance and operating contexts, and incorporating diverse voices and perspectives, are key to harnessing the potential of the water, energy and climate nexus.

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14 November 2022 I 10:30 - 11:30 EET I Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt I hybrid

About COP27

At COP 27, countries come together to take action towards achieving the world's collective climate goals as agreed under the Paris Agreement and the Convention. Building on the outcomes and momentum of COP 26 in Glasgow last year, nations are expected to demonstrate at COP 27 that they are in a new era of implementation by turning their commitments under the Paris Agreement into action. The conference will take place from 6-18 November 2022 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

About the Session

Climate change is here and now, and energy transition away from fossil fuels is at the heart of climate solutions. Energy transition involves moving from fossil fuel to renewable energy sources to reduce GHG emissions. Although the need for energy transitions is widely recognized, the role of water in those transitions needs more attention. In this context, just energy and water transitions are strategies that enable these systemic changes to happen in fair and equitable ways to ensure that the costs and benefits of climate action are distributed equitably.

This session will explore why socioeconomic and institutional contexts are key to harnessing the potential of the water, energy and climate nexus and ensuring that solutions are delivered in a fair and equitable manner for everyone. It is critical to understand these contexts within which the Water, Energy and Climate nexus operates, and consider the policy/institutional settings and socioeconomic factors when developing solutions - maximizing multi-stakeholder inter-sectoral collaborations will be essential. Studies on the importance of water for energy supply, including renewable energy, agricultural water use, and wastewater reuse will be used to explore some of these social-economic and governance issues being applied to combat climate change. The discussion will also include our partners’ experience in engaging community leaders, business equity partners, and practitioners working towards system justice to explore what a just recovery would look like. The following perspectives will be explored:

  1. Role of Water in Just Energy Transitions- IWMI
  2. Governing the Water-Energy Nexus towards integrated climate action - IDOS/Government of Jordon/GIZ
  3. Collective Action: Energy Sector Climate Resilience to Water-related Risks - IEA
  4. Just Transitions and Just Sustainabilities - Bloom Energy/Energy, Justice, Law & Policy Center, New York City Climate Action Council
  5. Important role of female entrepreneurs in Africa delivering climate resilient water and sanitation services - Our Climate


  • Aditi Mukherji, IWMI, Principal Researcher & Regional Project Lead SoLAR
  • Javier Mateo- Sagasta, IWMI, Senior Researcher and Coordinator Water Quality (Virtual)
  • Ines Dombrowsky, IDOS, Head of Research Programme Environmental Governance
  • Jihad Al-Mahamid, MWI, Government of Jordan, Secretary General
  • Jinsun Lim, IEA, Energy and Environment Policy Analyst
  • Raya Salter, Energy, Justice, Law & Policy Center, New York City Climate Action Council, Founder & Executive Director
  • Noura Abdo, Our Climate, Founder



Agenda Item

10:30-10:35 AM


10:35-10:40 AM

Welcome address: Governing the Water-Energy Nexus towards integrated climate action

10:40-10:50 AM

Welcome address and setting the scene: Water-Energy Climate Nexus as a Climate Resilient Solution: Case of Jordan

10:50-11:20 AM

Panel discussions


Q&A and closing remarks

Further information

Visit the session page on the Water Pavilion at COP27 website for more information.

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