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Research Article // Optimizing resilience at water-energy-food nexus

By Jesús Manuel Núñez-López, Eusiel Rubio-Castro and José María Ponce-Ortega. A general methodology for optimizing resilience in the context of the water-energy-food nexus of a region that may face extreme weather conditions due to climate change is proposed. A case study from the Sinaloa state located in northwestern Mexico was used to show the applicability of the proposed methodology.

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Fig. 2. Problem statement for the analysis of the water-energy-food nexus in a region. (Núñez-López et al., 2022)


In this work, a general methodology for optimizing the resilience of engineering systems is presented. A case study for a region where the relation between water, energy, food nexus is very important is considered. The mathematical formulation is a non-linear programming model that incorporates the optimization of the resilience for the water-energy-food nexus. The objectives of the model are to maximize the resilience of the system, which is calculated based on the total profit, and to minimize the CO2 emissions. The results show that it is possible to obtain scenarios in which there is an appropriate use of the nexus. Similarly, by quantifying resilience, the scenarios that present greater difficulties to have a good functionality can be identified; therefore, different alternatives can be proposed to improve the conditions of the scenarios.


Februrary 2022


Computers & Chemical Engineering


Núñez-López, J. M., Rubio-Castro, E., & Ponce-Ortega, J. M. (2022). Optimizing resilience at water-energy-food nexus. Computers & Chemical Engineering, 160, 107710.


Optimizing resilience at water-energy-food nexus

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