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Research Article // Haloculture and Haloengineering in the Context of Water-Energy-Food Nexus

By Farhad Khorsandi. Haloculture, and Haloengineering as its complementary component, were discussed under the framework of WEFN. Haloculture, by adopting and applying the idea of Halo engineering, ensures the concurrent production of water, energy and food; therefore, it may contribute much more proficiently to sustainable rural development in saline areas.

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Figure 2. The principles of Haloengineering and Haloculture under the concept of WEFN. (Khorsandi et al., 2022)


The utilization of saline soil and water resources by Saline Agriculture systems is aneconomical and viable strategy for meeting the rising demand for global food. However, despite vast experiences in research and commercial accomplishments, Saline Agriculture have still not played a key role in the extension of sustainable agriculture in saline areas. This could be due to an insufficient devotion to the holistic needs (food, water and energy) of local societies in saltaffected regions. Consequently, Haloculture was developed as a new Saline Agriculture technology, which is defined as the sustainable production of biological and non-biological products in saline environments. The main objective of this paper is to describe and discuss Haloculture in the context of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus (WEFN). This technology integrates engineering tools and sciences referred to as Haloengineering with agricultural sciences to meet the holistic needs of human societies in salt-affected areas. Haloengineering attempts to produce water and energy by exploitation the inherent potentials of saline ecosystems. Haloculture tries to sustainably exploit the services and potentials of saline environments for the production of food, water and energy. It conforms to the contexts of WEFN, and promotes water and energy securities along with food security. Therefore, Haloculture can be a viable strategy for sustainable rural development in saline regions.


June 2022


Environmental Sciences Proceedings


Khorsandi, F. (2022). Haloculture and Haloengineering in the Context of Water-Energy-Food Nexus. Environmental Sciences Proceedings, 16(1), 63.


Haloculture and Haloengineering in the Context of Water-Energy-Food Nexus

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