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Nexus Fact Sheet // The Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme: The Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus and its on-the-ground operationalisation

Starting in 2014, GIZ on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) started to implement Nexus Regional Dialogue activities. This included five regional dialogues and Nexus Resource Platform as faciliation and dissemination tool.

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  • What is the Water, Energy and Food (WEF) Security Nexus?
  • The Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme
    The Nexus Dialogues Programme Phase I (2016-2018), resulted from international efforts to operationalise the Nexus approach. The programme is designed to stimulate the following five Nexus Regional Dialogues (NRDs): Middle East and North Africa (MENA); Niger River Basin; Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC); Southern Africa; and Central Asia
  • The Global Nexus Secretariat
    The Global Nexus Secretariat (GNS) is the backbone of the Nexus Regional Dialogue Programme. GNS ensures the coordination and coherence of the different NRDs, supports implementation by partner organisations (e.g. by annotating proposals for quality control and coherence), and stimulates exchange and mutual learning across the NRDs through regular meetings.
  • Activities and Outcomes of the Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme
    The Nexus Resource Platform (NRP) www.water-energy-food.org is the global Nexus practical-information hub to help stakeholders stay up-to-date on relevant regional and global Nexus activities and events. It is a knowledge hub for swapping experiences and good practices, and enhancing global learning.


Nexus Resource Platform website


February 2018

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