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Modelling // Quantifying the Water–Energy Nexus in Greece

By Isidoros Ziogou and Theodoros Zachariadis. In this paper we provide an assessment of the water–energy nexus for Greece. More specifically, the amount of freshwater consumed per unit of energy produced is determined: for both conventional (lignite, diesel and fuel oil-fired) and advanced (combined operation of gas turbine) thermal power plants in the electricity generation sector; for extraction and refining activities in the primary energy production sector; and for the production of biodiesel that is used as a blend in the ultimately delivered automotive diesel fuel.

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In addition, the amount of electricity consumed for the purposes of water supply and sewerage is presented. In view of the expected effects of climate change in the Mediterranean region, the results of this study highlight the need for authorities to prepare a national strategy that will ensure climate resilience in both energy and water sectors of the country.


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February 2016


International Journal of Sustainable Energy, Volume 36, 2017 - Issue 10

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