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Central Asia Nexus Dialogue // Outcomes of the National Consultation Meetings

The Central Asia Nexus Dialogue project has started the implementation of its second phase (2020-2023). In the National Consultation Meetings the multi-sectoral approach to the planning and designing of projects was presented, with participants from the four countries Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan (virtually) present.

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  • The representative of the Republic of Tajikistan requested to exclude "Farkhad water reservoir" from the long list of proposed small-scale demonstration projects due to the need of having this proposed project initially approved at the governmental level and requested to ensure the equal allocation of the grant funds among the beneficiary countries;
  • Representatives of the Central Asia academic society expressed their interest in participating in the Nexus project implementation in their countries and noted readiness to share the accumulated knowledge and existing academic platforms with the Project team;
  • Representatives of the WEF line ministries expressed support for promoting the Nexus approach at the national level and its integration into decision-making processes;
  • Representatives of the ICWC Secretariat and the World Bank spoke about the ongoing World Bank supported study on “takyrs” in Turkmenistan and proposed to consider a possibility to carry out the social and economic analysis for “sardobs” and “takyrs” with the support of the Nexus Project or GNS;
  • Representatives of the European Union Delegation to Central Asian countries expressed their interest in joining the implementation of the Project (Phase II) and readiness to support the Project team and its initiatives by providing technical assistance and sharing experience and knowledge;
  • The World Bank representative noted that once the final list of small-scale demonstration projects is approved by the Nexus RSC, the World Bank project team stands ready to discuss the activities for co-financing under the selected demonstration projects to promote the innovative solutions and involve the academic community of Central Asia.


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