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Case Study // Water, Energy, Food nexus

Assessing the WEF nexus ‘uniting Water, Energy and Food’ at the WEF summit at the Expo Dubai. Three case studies regarding the WEF Nexus are presented in this storymap.

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This Project

Assessing the WEF nexus ‘uniting Water, Energy and Food’ at the WEF summit at the Expo Dubai.

To prepare the discussions during the WEF summit at the Expo Dubai 2021/2022, the Netherlands together with Jordan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) initiated in 2021 a research collaboration involving academic and research institutions from the three countries through the implementation of the project “Assessing the WEF nexus ‘uniting Water, Energy and Food’ at the WEF summit”.

The aim of the project was to support the multi-sectoral dialogue by assessing relevant problems in study cases of the three countries under the water-energy-food nexus perspective. The case studies are at the following levels: A national case in UAE, a national case in Jordan and a peri-urban case in the Netherlands. Through training, workshops and the use of approaches and tools, including group model building, system dynamics, and policy dashboards, the Netherlands worked together with researchers from the Jordan University of Science & Technology, the National Agriculture Research Center in Jordan and the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture in the UAE, among others, Greenport West-Holland in the Netherlands, and officials of governmental institutions of Jordan and UAE and the Province of Zuid Holland in the Netherlands. The results of the project are presented during the Summit through interactive policy simulations and discussions.


View the full storymap here.

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