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Case Study // The Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Challenges for the Chilean agriculture

By Rike Becker and Laura Margarete Simon. Chile is a long narrow strip of land squeezed between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, with a variety of climates and geography. It is one of the leading agricultural producers in Latin America. Unfortunately, with regard to water and energy resources, climate, population and agricultural areas don't line up. This article interrogates the level of interconnectedness between these systems in Chile and discusses how energy and water demand influence agricultural production in the country.

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(C) unsplash / Pepe Reyes


  • Introduction
  • Introduction to Chile´s natural environment in the Nexus-context
  • Interactions of Water, Energy and Food
    • Food production
    • Water use
    • Excursus: Limarí Basin
    • Energy use
  • Challenges
    • Climate change
    • Economic vulnerability in the agriculture
    • Vulnerability of hydropower generation
  • Conclusions


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May 2017


Nexus Outlook Report: A Collection of Nexus Case Studies from Latin America, Africa and Asia, ed. by Mohammad Al-Saidi and Lars Ribbe, pp. 22-31

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