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World Water Day 2020 // Water and Climate Change: Interlinkage with the WEF Nexus approach

World Water Day 2020 was about water and climate change – and how the two are inextricably linked. In the following, we will give you a small compilation of WEF Nexus articles and climate change.

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Climate change together with the exploitation and degradation of natural resources are threatening the ability to provide water, energy and food security for all while respecting the ecological and planetary boundaries. Particularly the agricultural sector is already and will be in the future affected by changing precipitation and temperature patterns, as crops and livestock are sensitive to changing climatic factors. Especially in water scarce regions, climate change can critically worsen water scarcity and thus threaten agriculture and water provision. Thus, poorer countries with agrarian societies are prone to be harmed by a changing climate as vulnerability is highly depending on sensitivity, exposure, levels of development as well as the possibilities to adequately adapt to the climate change exposure. Current sectoral approaches to climate change adaptation initiatives often create imbalances and retard sustainable development. The WEF Nexus provides thus a holistic and integrated approach in order to secure access to water, energy and food in the long term and thus adapting to changing climatic conditions.

In the following, the Nexus Resource Platform gathered a compilation of articles on the interlinkage of climate change and the WEF Nexus:

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