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Vacancy // PhD position: An innovative approach to design optimal complex systems through a water-energy-food nexus (WEFN) perspective

Laboratoire de Génie Chimique - INP ENSIACET in Toulouse, France is seeking a PhD student with a background in engineering and sustainable development to design a model for an optimal Water-Energy-Food system via a multi-stakeholder model based on game theory concepts.

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Current production systems tend to change as a result of environmental and economic pressures shifting from a linear organization to a circular one, resulting in increasing collaboration, significant trade flows or even pooling of services in an industrial ecology context. This leads us to study interconnected and complex systems in which different actors work towards different objectives with the overall aim of preserving the environment. The tools and methods developed in the Process Systems Engineering community, such as multi-objective optimization coupled with decision support methods, have proven to be very effective in satisfying several objective functions of a single actor. However, they are not suitable for modelling these new multi-agent systems. At the heart of current government concerns, a typical example of a multi-agent system is the water-energy and food system (WEF Nexus) that can be observed at several spatial and temporal scales.

In this thesis work, it is proposed to formulate the model able to design an optimal WEFN system via a multi-stakeholder model based on game theory concepts. With the help of recent work carried out in the host department, it will be necessary to implement a multi-objective and multi-level mathematical method to obtain balance solutions at different scales (from the process to the supply chain, including the eco-industrial park) by assessing the influence of the decision-making levels (operational, strategic and technical) on these solutions.

Funding category: Contrat doctoral

PHD title: Génie des procédés et de l'environnement

PHD Country: France


The applicant should have a Master Degree or equivalent (Engineer) in process, industrial or chemical engineering with a strong interest in numerical, optimization and modelling tools. Some competences in sustainable development would be appreciated.

How to Apply

Apply to Laboratoire de Génie Chimique - INP ENSIACET online here


Application Deadline: 15/01/2021 00:00 Europe/Athens Time

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