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PhD Scholarship // Mapping the Water-Energy Nexus and Urban Metabolism, University of Queensland, Australia

Opportunities exist for one or more PhD students to contribute to a set of exciting projects focused on understanding how water and energy are interconnected in cities and economies. We are seeking PhD candidates to join a unique multi-disciplinary team at the School of Chemical Engineering at UQ. Applicants will develop skills in modelling, data management and analysis, scenario and policy formulation and least cost strategy development.

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The DECRA project aims to develop a conceptual and analytical framework of the energy effect of water spanning three interconnected systems: (1) urban water utilities such as pumping and treating water (2) water use in cities for example for heating and cooling in homes, industry and commerce and (3) flows of water embodied in products. While relatively well developed tools exist for assessment of utility and water-use systems until recently, it has been extremely difficult and time-consuming to consistently quantify flows of water, energy and water-related energy within and between industry sectors and geographic regions.

The Person

Specifically, the PhD student/s will be expected to undertake comprehensive literature and data reviews. They will compile, concord, and allocate satellite accounts, collect, update and integrate superior data, and (ideally) write and implement code for automation of selected data feeds and/or project outputs. They will develop and use (and eventually develop) related conceptual and analytical frameworks including urban metabolism and industrial ecology theory. They will be active in the planning, analysis and writing associated with the project's policy applications for water and energy. They will publish high quality research articles and communicate the work in national and international conferences. The student/s will be expected to develop and conceptualise their own research work in a way which connects with an ARC Discovery (DECRA) project: "Mapping the water-energy nexus: new knowledge for resources security" running from 2016 to 2019. **The University would encourage applicants who do not currently hold a PhD.


This is a full-time PhD position for a domestic applicant. The scholarship is top up funding to $35,000 p.a. for three years, with a possible six month extension in approved circumstances. The successful applicant will be expected to apply for an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) or the international equivalent. Assistance with the application process will be provided. Postgraduate scholarships are awarded competitively, based on merit, to students of exceptional research potential undertaking a research higher degree. This appointment is conditional upon the applicant receiving an APA Scholarship or equivalent.

Position Description

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To discuss this role please contact Dr Steven Kenway on +61 419 979 468 or s.kenway@uq.edu.au. To submit an application for this role, use the Apply button below. All applicants must supply the following documents: Cover letter, Resume and Selection Criteria responses.

Application Process

For information on completing the application process click here.

Application Closing Date

15 February 2017 11:55pm E.Australian Standard Time Source: EnergyCareer AU website

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