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News // A youth perspective on tackling Water-Food-Energy Summit challenges

Conclusions and Recommendations of the WEF serious game for the Water, Food, Energy High-Level Summit 2022.

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In the coming decades, the world will need increasing amounts of resources. Population growth, resource-intensive lifestyles and the damaging effects of climate change will lead to water, energy and food insecurity across the globe. Apart from approaching these challenges in an integrated way, building resilience and fostering prosperity are also essential in preparing for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of 2030.

The WEF serious game is designed as a gamified analysis tool, aiming to enhance awareness and understanding for the capabilities that are needed for securing water, energy and food supplies in following decades. On the 18 and 19 of January 2022, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and the Netherlands will jointly organize a High-Level Summit on Water, Energy and Food security during the Dubai Expo.

Young people from Europe and the Middle East played a series of four serious games in September 2021. Some of them will be travelling to the Dubai Expo to share their perspectives on increasing prosperity and resilience. Together with governmental leaders of the UAE, Jordan and the Netherlands, young people will discuss solutions for water, energy and food challenges in the coming decades.

Read their conclusions and recommendations in the Factsheet (PDF) and watch the video:

  1. Young people want to be involved in shaping their own future: 86 % of all participants want to contribute to addressing water, food and energy scarcity in Europe and the Middle East.
  2. Governments should take the lead, in close cooperation with businesses: 46.7 % of young people believe that governments are the primary actors in building resilience, while 19.7 % believe the business sector has a key role.
  3. Young people in the Middle East and Europe find renewable energy expansion to be the main priority for investments.
  4. Water scarcity concerns young people, especially in the Middle East.
  5. Innovation is the basis of a prosperous and resilient society.
  6. The water, energy and food nexus should be addressed as a whole.
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