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Job Vacancy // Water resource planning consultant for a multi-purpose dam in the Cochabamba Departamental Administration, Bolivia

The Nexus project in Bolivia aims at introducing a coordination mechanism of the three sectors of water, energy and food security in order to mitigate resource scarcity caused by climate change and to take advantage of synergies. The partner organization, here the Department of Water Management and Basic Supply (DGA) of the Departamental Administration of Cochabamba, is to be supported in the development of an intersectoral management model for water distribution for drinking water supply, irrigation in agriculture and energy generation of its multipurpose dam.

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The objective of the deployment is to advise the DGA on the introduction of a water-resource planning tool, thus laying the foundation for a technical and digital basis for intersectoral (water - energy - food security) coordination of this multipurpose dam.


  • Provision of methods for the analysis, planning and monitoring of water resources of a multi-purpose dam
  • Consulting and training of the DGA to integrate an intersectoral coordination (nexus of water, energy, agriculture) into the management model of the multi-purpose company.
  • Application of conflict prevention methods in the field of actors, taking gender balances into account in the management model of the multi-master team.
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Required qualifications

  • Study of hydrology / water management or similar, with experience in hydrometry, experience with intersectoral approaches (multi-purpose dam) and / or integral water management
  • Experience with (digital) methods for the monitoring, analysis and planning of water resources (hydrometry)
  • Experience in the planning and implementation of training and further training
  • Very good knowledge of Spanish in spoken and written The following competencies round off your profile
  • Experience with competing, complex interests, conflict sensitivity
  • High intercultural and social competence as well as experience in the application of the gender approach

Application period

Dec. 2017 - Oct. 2019, possibly with extension option


Cochabamba is the fourth largest city in the country with over 600,000 inhabitants. The city has a temperate climate at 2,700m altitude. Sufficient private clinics and local specialists are available, articles of the daily needs Western standard are very well available. Cochabamba has an international airport, paved roads, there are international schools in Cochabamba, reimbursement of school fees is according to GIZ guidelines. In Cochabamba, further GIZ projects are active.


We offer you cooperation in an innovative, globally active development policy institution. Your competencies are in demand in an interdisciplinary team on the ground. The GIZ development service offers a comprehensive service package. This includes the targeted professional and personal preparation.
Information on the prerequisites and performance of GIZ's development service. https://www.giz.de/Entwicklungsdienst/de/html/1422.html


GIZ's development services are happy with applicants with completed vocational training and / or completed studies, who have at least a two-year relevant relevant professional experience. They also have the German citizenship or the nationality of another EU Member State.


Rafael Wiese
Coordinador de Programa NEXO - Agua / Energía / Seguridad Alimentaria
giz | German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) GmbH
Av. Los Sauces Nº 278, Casilla 11400, La Paz, Bolivia
T +591 (2) 2124353, C +591 67071134, E rafael.wiese@giz.de

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