event 21 июн. 2022 time 13:00 GMT +2

Webinar // Nexus Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystems approach: An adaptation Strategy to cope with climate change

The Nexus4AFRICA webinar organized by PRIMA (Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area) highlights the role of the WEFE Nexus as a tool to cope with climate change and how it can be applied within adaptation and mitigation strategies. Experts from different disciplines with share their experience and research. Registration is still open.

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This is the 1st Webinar organized by PRIMA after the training on Nexus Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystems (WEFE) organized in December 2021 which gathered 1400 participants. The webinar will address the role of Nexus WEFE as a tool to cope with climate change (adaptation and mitigation). Implementation of Nexus WEFE will avoid maladaptation generally performed at the sectoral and project-based activities without adequate consideration or coordination of cross-sectoral interactions among key climate-sensitive sectors

The presentations and discussion will be based on concrete examples as well hand-on experiences implementing Nexus in African countries. The webinar will also be an opportunity for participants to discuss challenges and opportunities to operationalize the WEF Nexus.

Webinar Agenda


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Further Information

Download the event description here.

Find further information about the event on the PRIMA event website.

Find more information on the WEFE training held in December

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