event 07 июл. 2022 time 10:00 New York Time

Webinar // Leveraging Climate Adaptation for the Water, Energy, Food Nexus

What changes are needed to strength water, energy, and food systems for communities around the world? The panelists of the webinar are going to share their insights.


July 7, 2022 I 10 am New York time I online event

About the Event

Climate change threatens water, energy, and food separately as well as the intersection of all three. The WEF Nexus is an integrated approach recognizing that food security is water security is energy security. By 2050, humans will need to feed 9 billion people, growing more food than the world has produced over the last 8,000 years and requiring smarter uses of water and energy. In an increasingly interconnected world, the WEF approach can help address the 1.4 billion people without access to electricity, the 900 million people without access to water, and the 2 billion people who lack food security intermittently. Ultimately, climate change is accelerating desertification of the Sahara in the Middle East & North Africa and droughts reduce water supply in cities from Los Angeles to Sao Paulo.

In this W12+ Exchange, panelists from the private sector, international NGOs, and academia will share their experiences and knowledge working along the WEF Nexus. Each panelist will answer the Core Question and discuss, analyze, and workshop each other’s responses. The Core Question is: What is a key lever for climate adaptation within the water-energy-food Nexus and why?


  • Mohannad Hesham Abouelrouse is the Founder and Chairman of Life From Water, an international non-profit delivering clean water and agricultural solutions to underserved, rural communities in Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Life From Water develops and installs specific water treatment units and filters to purify groundwater.
  • Chetan Mistry leads strategy and marketing as well as partner model and engagement for Xylem South Africa, one of the world’s leading providers of water technologies and solutions. His CSR work brings oversight, support and strategic considerations to Xylem’s CSR program Watermark. Chetan also leads Xylem South Africa’s global disaster response.
  • Dr. Corrine Cash is an Assistant Professor in Planning and Community Climate Adaptation at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick, Canada. Dr. Cash’s work focuses on environment, climate change, urban issues, and social equity–including how women are impacted in these settings. In 2018, Dr. Cash co-edited a book entitled “Water, Energy, Food and People Across the Global South: ‘The Nexus’ in an Era of Climate Change”

Join on Thursday, July 7 at 7am Seattle / 10 am New York / 4 pm Cairo / 4 pm Johannesburg


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