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Virtual Matchmaking Event // Research Initiatives Cooperation South Africa – the Netherlands: Integrating Health Approaches and WEF-Nexus

The National Research Foundation (NRF) of South Africa and NWO launched a third call for proposals, entitled ‘Integrating Health Approaches and WEF-Nexus’. Nine applicants submitted research initiatives in which they shared their research questions and brief outlines of potential research proposals. This is a virtual matchmaking event for potential applicants and interested partners.

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February 3, 2022 | 9:30-1pm CET

About the Event

This is a virtual matchmaking event for potential applicants and interested partners. Partners interested in an initiative can contact the applicant or send an email to southafrica-merian@nwo.nl, and will then receive a Zoom link.

Overview of Initiatives

Prosp. NL partners: Justine Blanford, University of Twente
Prosp. SA partners: Peter Nyasulu, Stellenbosch University
Main research focus: Enabling public health responses for emerging health risks in Sub-Saharan Africa through strengthening of Spatial and Data Science approaches
Keywords: Geospatial, GIS, data-infrastructure, modelling, infectious disease

Prosp. NL partners: Eline Boelee (Deltares), Reinaldo Penailillo (Deltares), Graham Jewitt (IHE Delft) and Janez Susnik (IHE Delft)
Prosp. SA partners: Aidan Senzanje, University of Kwazulu-Natal
Main research focus: Water-Energy-Food (WEF) nexus and health in South Africa: water-related health impacts in irrigated agriculture
Keywords: WEF nexus, health, South Africa, irrigation, COVID-19, WASH, water-related diseases

Prosp. NL partners: Klaus Mathwig (IMEC) and Marcel Zevenbergen (IMEC)
Prosp. SA partners: Palesa Diale (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) and Jean Molopo (University of Witwatersrand)
Main research focus: Development of Lab-on-a-Chip Point-of-Care (LOC POC) diagnostic solutions for viral pathogen, food and chemical rapid detection integrated to the WEF nexus.
Keywords: Diagnostic; Point-of-Care; Sensors; Nano-micro devices; One Health; Rapid detection; Microfluidics

Prosp. NL partners: Hans Hilgenkamp, University of Twente
Prosp. SA partners: Malik Maaza, UNESCO UNISA ITLABS
Main research focus: Safe and secure hydrogen technologies for sustainable local energy production, without excessive water use or competition with food production.
Keywords: Green energy, WEF nexus, Hydrogen economy, Hydrogen safety

Prosp. NL partners: Marloes Penning de Vries (University of Twente) and Tom Rientjes (University of Twente)
Prosp. SA partners: Timothy Dube, University of Western Cape
Main research focus: Water hyacinth – Use them or lose them? A tool to improve mitigation, eradication, and exploitation strategies based on long-term monitoring by satellite-borne instruments
Keywords: Water hyacinth, lakes, rivers, water quality, eutrophication, invasive species, satellite data

Prosp. NL partners: Matthias Rieger (ISS, Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Prosp. SA partners: Ronelle Burger (Stellenbosch University)
Main research focus: Child Stunting and the Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Evidence from Natural Experiments in South Africa
Keywords: Child stunting, natural experiments, Water-Energy-Food (WEF) nexus

Prosp. NL partners: -
Prosp. SA partners: Michael Rudolph (University of Johannesburg), Rendani Mbuvha (University of Witwatersrand) and Masiphula Mbongwe (Walter Sisulu University)
Main research focus: A multidisciplinary and intersectoral approach applying Agroecology in addressing the impact of COVID-19 amongst vulnerable communities in South Africa
Keywords: Agroecology, food security, water-energy-food nexus, technology, digitalisation, health disparities, South Africa

Prosp. NL partners: -
Prosp. SA partners: Kathija Yassim (University of Johannesburg) and Komala Pillay (Partners for Possibilities South Africa)
Main research focus: Leading Education for Sustainable Livelihoods: School Food Gardens as ‘Markerspaces’ for Enhancing School Feeding Schemes, Learner Well-Being and Entrepreneurship Development
Keywords: Transformational leadership, Education for Sustainable Livelihoods; Makerspaces; Learner Well Being, Entrepreneurship

Prosp. NL partners: African Studies Centre Leiden University, AERES Hogeschool (tbc)
Prosp. SA partners: University of Western Cape (tbc), Stellenbosch University (tbc), Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana (tbc)
Main research focus: Risk coping and the WEF nexus, insights from food production sites affected by COVID-19.
Keywords: Food, WEF nexus, health, risk coping, geographical contexts
(For contact details, e-mail southafrica-merian@nwo.nl)


Download an extended view of all the intiatives here.

Further Information

More information is available on the initiative page.

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