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Virtual Conference // Cracking the Nut 2021: Building Resilient Food, Water, and Energy Systems

This learning event will highlight how systems can be designed, adapted, and reinforced to ensure regular access to food, water, and energy for rural populations in developing countries, and how public and private sector initiatives can work at the nexus of food, water, and energy to stimulate rural and agricultural development. This topic is particularly important given the negative impacts of the COVID pandemic and climate change in countries with growing populations and food insecurity. By focusing on how to make systems more resilient, this event will convene leading experts in rural development, sustainable agriculture, water sanitation, clean energy, finance, and investment, including representatives from the private sector, governments, donors, and development implementers.

Cracking the nut conference

November 15-18, 2021

About the Event

Cracking the Nut 2021: Building Resilient Food, Water, and Energy Systems is a four half-day virtual learning event from November 15-18, 2021. This year’s conference will highlight how public and private sector initiatives can create resilient systems that support rural and agricultural development and will focus on three tracks:

  1. Applying technology and digital solutions
  2. Leveraging private sector and multi-stakeholder investments
  3. Ensuring inclusion of vulnerable populations

Cracking the Nut is a unique opportunity for practitioners from diverse backgrounds to share experiences, extract lessons learned, and formulate action plans for building resilient food, water, and energy systems.

The Cracking the Nut® Conference, implemented by Connexus, is a leading international conference, convening development practitioners from around the world to tackle some of the toughest issues around building the world’s rural and agricultural markets.


Registration is available here.


This conference is organized by Connexus Corporation. Connexus Corporation is an international development consulting firm that provides consulting services in the areas of finance and enterprise development, especially related to rural and agricultural development. Connexus’ mission is to provide high quality global consulting services to transform international development and build local capacity.

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