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Virtual Training // SPIS Toolbox: Online-Trainings for Advisors

GIZ along with its WE4F Partners are pleased to announce a series of Online Training Courses on Solar Powered Irrigation Systems for Advisors.

SPIS trainings

About the Event

In the six interactive online Trainings, participants will learn how to use the most relevant Excel-tools of the SPIS-Toolbox. The Toolbox was developed by FAO and GIZ to guide and support advisors, service providers and practitioners who want to

  • Calculate the water amount needed for irrigation;
  • Size a suitable pump and the electrical energy needed to supply these pumps;
  • Advise small-holder farmers and help them to decide whether the use of solar energy is useful from both an economic as well as from an ecological perspective;
  • Support and inform deciders from the private, financial and institutional sector to install solar-powered irrigation systems

For Whom is the Course Beneficial?

Target users are advisors, service providers and practitioners in the field of solar irrigation.

At the end of the course, participants should be able to

  • use the Excel-tools provided in the Toolbox on Solar Powered Irrigation Systems (SPIS),
  • provide relevant background information on all components of a Solar Powered Irrigation System, and
  • provide broad hands-on guidance to end-users, policy-makers and financiers.

Training Dates

25./26./27. January 2022 – French language

22./23./24. February 2022 – English language

22./23./24. March 2022 – French language

17./18./19. May 2022 – English language

20./21./22. September 2022 – French language

Courses are full time – daily training time for the three days will be from 09:00 until 17:00 GMT+1 with a break during lunch time.

Agenda and Topics

Day 1: Introduction and Farm Analysis & Water Requirement

Day 2: Pump Sizing & Irrigation and Soil

Day 3: Payback & SPIS Advisory

Download the detailed agenda here.

Agenda SPIS part 1
Agenda SPIS part 2

Requirements for Registration

Please notice that the following requirements are necessary for a successful participation. With your registration, you'll declare formally that you read and accept the mentioned pre-requisites.

Should you be in doubt about certain points or have questions, please feel free get in touch at any time.

Level of Knowledge

  • Advanced knowledge in SPIS and the working mechanisms of water pumps
    • BEFORE registering for the training course, you may want to consult the e-Learning course www.spis-elearning.eu in which basic information on solar pumping for agricultural irrigation are compiled.
  • Basic familiarity with the EXCEL toolkit
    • Please consult the toolkit with is available in the enerypedia BEFORE registering for the training course.
  • Basic ability & knowledge on how to work with the particular tools
    • Please consult the video clips («Screencasts») in which the tools are explained and demonstrated practically. The screencasts are available in English, French and Arabic either from the e-Learning course, from «enerypedia» or directly from YouTube:

Screencasts English ›››

Screencasts Français ›››

Screencasts Arabe ›››

Technical Requirements

  • Stable internet connectivity with at least 4 MB down- / 1MB upload
  • Modern Internet browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari in an up-to-date version) (please notice: Internet Explorer is NOT possible)
  • Installation of the MS-Teams desktop-version (The use of MS-Teams is free of charge for registered participants)
  • Web-camera and headset


  • Basic competences in the use of the Internet
  • Basis skills in the use of MS Excel

Further Information

Please find more information here.


Register for one of the English-language trainings here.

Registration will require:

  • Letter of motivation (approx. ½ DIN A4 page in .doc or .docx format) (>either upload with your registration or (if you observer technical obstacles) via e-mail)
  • Portrait photo (.jpg or.png format) (>either upload with your registration or (if you observer technical obstacles) via e-mail)
  • Confirmation of consent of the direct supervisor that a participation (and absence from work) is accepted (only if applicable)
  • Confirmation of acceptance: All training sessions will be recorded and may later be used by GIZ, we4f and/or FAO

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