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Forum // Fragility Forum 2022

The Fragility Forum is a biennial event organized by The World Bank Group that brings together policymakers and practitioners from the humanitarian, development, peace and security communities; public and private sector; academia; and civil society to explore how the international community can best support countries affected by fragility, conflict, and violence.

Fragility forum

About the Event

The global response to fragility, conflict and violence is constantly evolving to adapt to the ongoing changes in the international context.

As complexity and uncertainty become the new normal, the Fragility Forum 2022 will explore how the international community can best support countries affected by fragility, conflict and violence in a dramatically changing global landscape. It will revisit some of the key findings of the WDR 2011, look into the evolution of the global response to FCV since then, and consider how to adapt it to new, dynamic contexts.

The Forum’s sessions are curated around four themes:

  • Addressing compound risks and increasing resilience in FCV context
  • Changing the economic trajectory in FCV settings
  • Rethinking the link between development and security
  • Challenges and realities of governance and institution building in FCV settings

Programme and Further Information

The programme for the event as well as all additional information can be found here.


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