event 28 мар. 2022 time 09:00 05 апр. 2022 time 17:00 GMT+2 location Brussels, Belgium

Conference // Water Market Europe 2022

Water market Europe is made to boost your business by matchmaking demand and offer of solutions for efficient water industrial management

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28 March - 5 April 2022 | Brussels, Belgium

About the Event

Boost your business!

The European Green Deal is a game changer for our society at large, and Europe aims to reach climate neutrality and a circular economy by 2050. This goal cannot be achieved without including new models and symbiotic solutions for industrial water.

Ambitious goals - such as achieving near-zero water discharge – require that new models are finalized in integrated and interconnected ecosystems towards efficient industrials-urban symbiosis.

The transition to a climate neutral and circular society calls not only for technological innovation, but also a holistic systemic socio-economic approach and concrete market outreach of innovations.

That’s why Water Market Europe 2022 is made for you to address challenges and needs for innovation by matchmaking the demand and the offer for efficient solutions for water industrial management.

This edition of WME 2022 is supported by the EU funded Ultimate Project (Industry Water-Utility Symbiosis for a Smarter Water Society).

Water Market Europe 2022 will focus on efficient management of industrial water that will offer problem owners and solution provider the opportunity to boost their business by presenting

  • Industrial (and integrated urban) water management problems that require technology providers innovative solutions and or new systemic answers for circular application, or
  • Solutions that have are terrific market opportunity and are proven to be effective in increasing the efficiency of the systems increase cost-effectiveness for utilities and industrial users in the industrial or urban-industrial water management context.


  • Register as a Presenting participant (max 10 will be admitted) & you will be contacted in the next days. The presentation slot is 10 minutes: showcase your water-related challenge or Present an innovative solution;
  • Register as an Attending participant and publish your collaboration wishes;
  • Browse the participant list and book meetings with other participants of your interest (Meetings are accepted automatically);
  • You will receive your personalized agenda (selected sessions and scheduled B2B meetings) in a personalized folder upon your arrival at the event location.

Please note that registration closed on 24 March, 2022.

WME2022 Fees

  • Water Europe Ambassadors & Water Europe Members: FREE (*all sessions access; **In case of no-show, Water Europe shall charge and bill € 290,00 to the no-show members.)
  • Water Europe Non-members (attending & presenting participants): 290 € (*all sessions access, except the WG meetings dedicated to members)
  • EU officials participation is free of charge
  • DINNER fee: 75 €

If you need more information regarding the event's registration process or payment settings, please contact Ms. Anca Popa, Community & Events Officer.

Further Information

Find more information on the event website.

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