event 12 мая 2022 time 09:00 GMT+2 location Almere, The Netherlands

Conference // International conference on Water-Energy-Food Nexus in cities

On 12 May 2022, during the world horticulture expo Floriade 2022, Closer Cities organizes a WEF-Nexus expert meeting in close collaboration with a team of experts from various organisations and knowledge institutes. The event is all about solving urban challenges together, in line with the philosophy of the Netherlands.


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About the conference

On 12 May 2022, more than 150 participants gather in Almere, the Netherlands for the ‘Water-Energy-Food Nexus in cities’ conference. They work in the public or private sector, or represent knowledge institutes, NGOs, or civil society organizations. The conference makes room for fruitful discussions with fellow participants about the Water-Energy-Food Nexus in cities, with a focus on optimising knowledge sharing. The conference is an expert meeting by invitation only. The format consists of three rounds of round table discussions, networking opportunities during the breaks and time to visit the Floriade (world horticulture exposition). Complicated Water-Energy-Food interdependencies ask for smart, comprehensive approaches. Cities around the world deal with this WEF-Nexus in various ways. According to the United Nations: “The water-food-energy Nexus is central to sustainable development. Demand for all three is increasing, driven by a rising global population, rapid urbanization, changing diets and economic growth. Agriculture is the largest consumer of the world’s freshwater resources, and more than one-quarter of the energy used globally is expended on food production and supply. The inextricable linkages between these critical domains require a suitably integrated approach to ensuring water and food security, and sustainable agriculture and energy production worldwide.” During the one-day international conference on Water-Energy-Food Nexus in cities, the focus lies on how improved urban knowledge sharing regarding the WEF-Nexus can contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Experts and participants will focus on the exchange of effective local approaches and discuss questions like: how can we scale up good practices? What role do context variables – like climate, city size, geography, governance – play in the exchangeability of effective approaches? What can stimulate the co-creation of effective approaches? The experts of the conference present and discuss various WEF-related topics, such as water, food and/or energy related challenges, intersectoral (Nexus) issues as well as specific solutions.

The WEF-Nexus challenges and opportunities will be related to the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals. Participants represent the public sector, the private sector, knowledge institutes, NGOs, and civil society.

The conference is an expert meeting by invitation only. The format consists of three rounds of round table discussions, networking opportunities, and a visit to the Floriade (world horticulture exposition).

Further Event Information

Download the event information sheet including the programme for May 12 for more details.

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Organisations and knowledge institutes of the conference

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