event 21 Apr 2022

Video // NEXOGENESIS Project Presentation

NEXOGENESIS is funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme and aims to support the development of policies for effective resource mangement. This video presents the project, explains the WEFE Nexus background and introduces the five case study sites.


About the NEXOGENESIS project

The NEXOGENESIS project aims to improve policies related to the WEFE Nexus for effective management of resources. Policies aim to change peoples’ behaviour in relation to a certain issue and in so doing to change patterns of use of resources. For example, the European energy efficiency policy provides incentives to stimulate people and industries across sectors to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, households, etc. to reduce energy consumption.

Policies are typically designed to achieve the goals of a specific sector without explicitly considering the impact they might have on other sectors. Because WEFE are so interconnected, such a sectoral approach inevitably leads to policies having unintended negative impacts. For example, incentives for the biofuel crop production led to an increased use and contamination of water resources. Furthermore, opportunities to exploit potential positive interactions between sectors are missed.

NEXOGENESIS seeks to understand WEFE interlinkages and develop solutions to improve the formulation and integration of policies that take into consideration WEFE interactions. Problems and solutions are discussed with WEFE experts and policy makers in 5 case study regions.


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