event 14 May 2018

Urban Nexus // Demonstrating the Urban NEXUS Approach to Link Water, Energy and Food Resources in Schools in Tanzania

By generating cross-institutional collaboration for infrastructure systems and services at schools in the Kinondoni District, Dar es Salaam, the Urban NEXUS pilot project harnessed opportunities to link water and sanitation, energy, food and waste, solutions which would have otherwise been missed with a singular development application. By piloting the approach in two adjacent primary schools, and applying the lessons learned to policy, regulation and practice to upscale across all schools (and other public spaces, clinics, municipal buildings etc.) in the city over time, a substantial impact on planning and service delivery in Dar es Salaam can be achieved.

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Dar es Salaam, not unlike other rapidly developing metropolitan regions, contains a complex set of ecological, social, economic, political, administrative and institutional systems. The metropolitan region faces a multitude of risks and vulnerabilities:

  1. scarcity of access to resources – particularly energy and water;
  2. a back-log of municipal services (e.g. transport, water, drainage and waste management);
  3. burgeoning informal sector, high poverty and unemployment rates, in turn linked to malnutrition and health challenges; and
  4. an on-going need to create social and economic development, which simultaneously also provides opportunities that must be harnessed (e.g. a young entrepreneurial population).

In the face of a changing climate. New Urban NEXUS models of planning, implementation and design are required in order to reduce these risks, and to create a future productive and resilient city that can maintain its high contribution to local and national economic development.


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