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The interactive Pardee RAND Food-Energy-Water Index enables the measurement of the current state of food, water, and energy security and allows for analysis of these topics under future scenarios. It allows those interested in improving development to understand the dominant sources of insecurity in a nation and identify cases where many sources of insecurity are interrelated. For those interested in studying how to improve development trajectories, these data can explain why some nations currently enjoy higher levels of human development and others have lower ones.

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The Pardee RAND Food-Energy-Water Index (FEW Index) is based on the principle that food, energy, and water together are critical to social stability and economic growth. Insecurity in any one area poses serious impediments to human health, wellbeing, and development. Through data visualization, the FEW Index gives users a holistic view of the current status of resource provision for countries across the world. The Index can help begin to identify how different trends – for example, climate change or population growth – could affect resource security in the future.

What Questions can the FEW Index Answer?

The FEW Index is comprised of three sub-indices — one for each resource — and brings all data together in a consistent manner. You can review our data and formulations in the technical documentation. Bringing together three sub-indices in one tool make it possible to answer a number of critical development-related questions, including the following:
  • How “healthy” is a country’s status of food, water, energy resources?
  • What are the dominant sources of resource insecurity in a country?
  • How can trends in society, technology, or the climate affect the security of food, water, and energy security in a country?


FEW Index website at Pardee RAND Graduate School website (open access)

More Information

  • Developing the Pardee RAND Food-Energy-Water Security Index
    Toward a Global Standardized, Quantitative, and Transparent Resource Assessment


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