Poster // The Water Security Nexus

The poster gives an overview of the water nexus relations. In addition to the "traditional" resource fields, it also includes the water-industry nexus and the water-tourism nexus.

Key messages

  • Economic activities and development in the water security context requires analyzing the availability of adequate water allocations for the key sectors of human development viz. food, energy, industry, transport, and tourism
  • IRWM framework cannot serve the emerging areas of water insecurity.
  • Water security has received increased attention over the past decades in both policy and academics communities
  • Water security for the protection of adequate water supplies requires maximizing water-use efficiency, developing new supplies, and protecting water reserves
  • The water security-economic activity-development nexus also embeds the goals of securing water for people’s livelihood while safeguarding ecosystem services


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Fact Sheets

Nexus Fact Sheet // Frexus: Améliorer la sécurité et la résilience au changement climatique dans les contextes fragiles à travers le Nexus Eau-Energie - Sécurité Alimentaire

L'objectif de le projet FREXUS, qui est centré sur la région du Sahel, est de fournir des outils adéquats pour relever ces défis, éviter leurs conséquences négatives (telles que la concurrence et les conflits pour les ressources) et ouvrir des portes vers des opportunités pour le développement durable.

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Fact Sheets

Nexus Fact Sheet // Frexus: Improving security and climate resilience in a fragile context through the Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus

With the FREXUS project, is aimed to improve security and climate resilience in a fragile context through the Water-Energy and Food Security Nexus (Frexus), in Mali, Niger and Chad. The objective is to increase peace and stability in areas where resource conflict is exacerbated by climate change.

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Project // Support to the Integrated Management of Water Resources of Lake Kivu and Ruzizi River

This project aims at improving the hydrological and operational management of Lake Kivu and the Ruzizi River, while pursuing an integrated and Nexus-based approach. The project started in 2019 and is led by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in cooperation with the regional partner ABAKIR (Autorité du Bassin du Lac Kivu et de la Rivière Ruzizi).

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