Implementation and Case Studies

Nexus in Europe // Practical Planning Management of WEF-Nexus Issues in Germany

The objectives of this study are to identify situations relevant to the water-energy-food Nexus (WEF-Nexus) issue in Germany from available processes, and to describe the implementation and relevant experiences based on three examples with strong Nexus orientations. The study focuses on practical planning and application using suitable instruments. At the core of the study is the consideration of experiences gained in the practical application of procedures and instruments in connection with WEF-Nexus issues, and their general transferability to Nexus governance strategies.

The results of the study are expected to serve as a frame of reference in the consulting and advanced training for the GIZ project “Nexus Regional Dialogues”. This study will be complemented by a closely aligned study, developed in parallel, and investigating the framework setting for WEF-Nexus issues in Europe.


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April 2017


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WEF Nexus Research // Solar Energy Farming as a Development Innovation for Vulnerable Water Basins

By Mohammad Al-Saidi and Nisreen Lahham. This article evaluates a project from the Azraq Basin in Jordan, and presents similar international experiences, particularly from India. It assesses solar energy farming as an innovation from a water-energy-food nexus perspective.

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Learning // The Nexus Game

The Nexus Game gives participants a unique opportunity to get an insight into the challenges of water management for producing energy and food, fulfilling the needs of the population, and sustaining environmental flows. The aim of the game is to provide an opportunity to practice how different water management policies can lead to the sustainable development of society in harmony with Nature.

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Blog // What can Transdisciplinarity give back to Communities?

This article presents a research project conducted by the STEPS Centre, using the WEFE Nexus as a conceptual tool for transdisciplinary engagement through urban gardening in the peripheral area Novo Recreio in north Guarulhos, part of the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo, Brazil. It shows the notion of the WEFE Nexus has the potential to bring people together across different siloes, organisations, identities, institutions, levels and sectors. But could it contribute to wider struggles against...

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