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Nexus in Asia // Water-energy Nexus in China's Electric Power System

By Saige Wang, Tao Cao, and Bin Chen. The electric power system is water–intensive, which aggravates the water scarcity of China. Deeper understanding of the role of electric transmission systems coupling with virtual water flows is critical for sustainable development of China.

 In this study, the flux and direction of virtual water within power system were firstly analyzed. Water scarcity index (WSI) was also incorporated to evaluate the virtual scarce water flows. Then, the authors calculated the hybrid electricity flux by multiplying electricity flux with its proportion of total electricity consumption to elucidate the significance of flux on the node's electricity supply. Finally, the authors studied the virtual scarce water flow network and hybrid electricity flux network via throughflow analysis to shed light on the nexus within the power system.

The results show that electricity inflows bring in 27.99 GL of virtual scarce water concurrent with 10.865 TW h of electricity, and 47.47 GL of virtual scarce water concurrent with 15.072 TW h of electricity into the north and central regions of China. It can be concluded that a large volume of virtual scarce water (16.3 GL) is transferred via the electric power system, mainly from inland areas to coastal areas, which is roughly the opposite of the distribution of China's water resources.

By doing this, the authors aim to evaluate the energy-water nexus rate in the electricity power system to balance the tradeoff between electricity supply and the regional inequity of water resources.


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May 2017


Energy Procedia, Volume 105, May 2017, Pages 3972-3977

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WEF Nexus Research // Solar Energy Farming as a Development Innovation for Vulnerable Water Basins

By Mohammad Al-Saidi and Nisreen Lahham. This article evaluates a project from the Azraq Basin in Jordan, and presents similar international experiences, particularly from India. It assesses solar energy farming as an innovation from a water-energy-food nexus perspective.

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Learning // The Nexus Game

The Nexus Game gives participants a unique opportunity to get an insight into the challenges of water management for producing energy and food, fulfilling the needs of the population, and sustaining environmental flows. The aim of the game is to provide an opportunity to practice how different water management policies can lead to the sustainable development of society in harmony with Nature.

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Blog // What can Transdisciplinarity give back to Communities?

This article presents a research project conducted by the STEPS Centre, using the WEFE Nexus as a conceptual tool for transdisciplinary engagement through urban gardening in the peripheral area Novo Recreio in north Guarulhos, part of the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo, Brazil. It shows the notion of the WEFE Nexus has the potential to bring people together across different siloes, organisations, identities, institutions, levels and sectors. But could it contribute to wider struggles against...

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