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Basin Management // Basin Perspectives on the Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus

By Richard Lawford, Janos Bogardi, Sina Marx, Sharad Jain, Claudia Pahl Wostl, Kathrin Knüppe, Claudia Ringler, Felino Lansigan and Francisco Meza. This article summarizes some major factors that influence the Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Security Nexus and how they are perceived in different basins. These findings are based on a survey that was undertaken for the Global Catchment Initiative (GCI) within the Global Water System Project (GWSP) complemented by case studies for a transboundary basin (the Lake Winnipeg Basin), a national basin (Yellow Basin in China), and a number of the basins in a nation (India).

The analysis also includes ranking of river basin issues related to the WEF Nexus based on the views of experts in nine basins. Based on this analysis, factors that have affected the evolution of the W–E–F Nexus, including the applications of Earth observations, are discussed. The study concludes that the W–E–F Nexus could be an effective vehicle for advancing water and sustainability issues and recommends research and demonstration projects to test the extent to which the WEF framework could be helpful in increasing understanding and collaborative governance approaches.


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December 2013


Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, Volume 5, Issue 6, December 2013, Pages 607-616

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Research Papers, Publications and Books

The Global Food-Energy-Water Nexus

By Paolo D'Odorico, Kyle Frankel Davis, Lorenzo Rosa, Joel A. Carr, Davide Chiarelli, Jampel Dell'Angelo, Jessica Gephart, Graham K. MacDonald, David A. Seekell, Samir Suweis, Maria Cristina Rulli. Water availability is a major factor constraining humanity's ability to meet the future food and energy needs of a growing and increasingly affluent human population. Water plays an important role in the production of energy, including renewable energy sources and the extraction of unconventional...

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Nexus Project Bolivia // Working together to develop the water, energy and food security sectors

The contradictory development objectives for water, energy and food security in Bolivia generate conflicts of interest between ministries, and also between authorities and institutions in the provinces and municipalities: each institution wants to support especially its sector, be it water, energy or rural. For this reason, planning is needed that transcends different sectors, such as that sought by governments at the national and local levels.

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Le Barrage de Fomi // Potentiel pour Un Projet d’Intérêt Commun

Par Luca Ferrini & Lucia Benavides. Cet article explique comment le projet de barrage de Fomi, qui a récemment regagné le monumentum, marque une grande opportunité d'intégrer l'approche Nexus dans le processus de planification comme un outil d'aide à la décision. Situé en Haute Guinée, à la tête du bassin du Niger et dans une zone aride affectée par le changement climatique et l'insécurité, la construction du barrage de Fomi poserait à la fois de nombreux risques et défis ainsi que des...

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