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Research Article // Recover the food-energy-water Nexus from COVID-19 under Sustainable Development Goals acceleration actions

By Caichun Yin and colleagues. By examining COVID-19's impact on the WEF Nexus, this work put forward solutions to recover the WEF nexus based on acceleration actions of SDG 2, 6, 7.

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The interwoven relationship between food, energy, and water (FEW) is described as the FEW Nexus. The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted the FEW Nexus and impeded the progress of FEW-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (SDG 2: Zero Hunger; 6: Clean Water and Sanitation; 7: Affordable and Clean Energy). This paper aim to find solutions to recover the FEW Nexus from COVID-19. First, the authors discussed the challenges faced by FEW amid COVID-19. Second, they observed responses of the FEW nexus under COVID-19's interference. Finally, they proposed the solutions that guide the FEW Nexus in recovery from the pandemic by mining 164 FEW-related SDG Acceleration Actions. The key solutions include 1) building or upgrading FEW facilities and infrastructure, 2) improving nature's contribution to the FEW nexus, 3) developing digital technologies, 4) innovating the source and production of FEW, and 5) promoting community production and transforming the lifestyle. This work highlights the importance of feasible and accelerated actions that recover the FEW Nexus in the post-pandemic era.


January 2022


Science of the Total Environment


Yin, C., Pereira, P., Hua, T., Liu, Y., Zhu, J., & Zhao, W. (2022). Recover the food-energy-water nexus from COVID-19 under SDG acceleration actions. Science of The Total Environment, 153013.


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