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Research Article // Examining Lebanon's Resilience Through a Water-Energy-Food Nexus Lens

By Bassel Daher, Silva Hamie, Konstantinos Pappas and Julie Roth. This study concludes that considering the case of Lebanon through a Water-Energy-Food Nexus lens is a complex undertaking that reveals many interconnections, not only between water, energy, and food systems, but also between the underlying political and economic challenges and recent shocks. Some connections are obvious but other connections can only be thoroughly understood by considering the complex relations between historic trends and contemporary issues.

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Figure 2. The long-term underlying conditions, compound shocks and triggering events, and impacts and outcomes.


Lebanon faces a mix of underlying political and economic challenges, shocks, and triggering events that threaten the sustainability and resilience of its interconnected resource systems. The complex nature of these pressures begs for a systems approach to better understand the existing interconnections and to support the co-creation of cross-sectoral solutions to address them. This article specifically aims to: 1) conduct a scoping review of the existing literature and current events to identify interconnections between water-, energy-, and food-related challenges as they relate to the underlying conditions and triggering events at play in the context of Lebanon; 2) highlight ways in which the Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus is a useful lens through which to understand and act upon issues at different scales; and 3) identify emergent themes including decentralization and systems thinking and their roles as catalysts toward more resilient resource systems. The examination concludes with two main recommendations: first, to create platforms and opportunities for interactive resource planning and decision making to facilitate systems-thinking for top-down WEF management; and second, to empower decentralized initiatives at the local level to build resilient, bottom-up solutions to WEF challenges.


May 2022


Frontierts in Sustainable Food Systems


Daher, B., Hamie, S., Pappas, K., & Roth, J. (2022). Examining Lebanon’s Resilience Through a Water-Energy-Food Nexus Lens. Front. Sustain. Food Syst. 6: 748343. doi: 10.3389/fsufs.


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