event 17 Oct 2017

Project Report // Options for a Nexus Coordination Mechanism for the League of Arab States

By Alexander Carius and Annika Kramer. One important step in the process of WEF Nexus mainstreaming in Arab regional policies and institutions is to improve coordination and collaboration across sectoral activities, initiatives, policies and strategies within the League of Arab States (LAS). This will contribute to leverage cross-sectoral synergies and minimize trade-offs. The aim of this input paper is to identify institutional settings in favour of mainstreaming of a WEF-nexus approach within LAS.

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Building on international experience in policy integration, the paper compares different options for a coordination mechanism within LAS. Based on this input paper, the potential forms of coordination, as well as the mandate and the potential products of a nexus coordination mechanism, were identified in close consultation with relevant LAS Stakeholders1. The prioritised form of coordination and cooperation is further detailed in h document "Regional Policy Guide”.

This report is part 2 of the Project Report "Mainstreaming the Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus into Sectoral Policies and Institutions in the Arab Region".


Nexus Platform website (PDF)


October 2017


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