event 20 Jul 2018

Nexus in MENA // Mainstreaming the Nexus Approach in Water, Food and Energy Policies in the MENA Region

By Hussein Abaza. There are close linkages between water, food and energy. Policies for the three sectors need to be designed in a coordinated and integrated manner. An integrated Nexus approach should therefore be adopted in order to ensure complementarities and synergies between the three sectors. This will support government efforts in the MENA region to follow a sustainable green path.

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Since the ultimate end is to achieve sustainable development, the three pillars of social, economic and environment sustainability have to be taken into account in developing the water, energy and agricultural strategies. Moreover, to that end, a series of specific objectives have to be tackled, such as the governance system, the regulatory framework, research and trade policy, public awareness and access to finance, among others.


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IEMed: The European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed), founded in 1989, is a consortium comprising the Catalan Government, the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and Barcelona City Council. It incorporates civil society through its Board of Trustees and its Advisory Council formed by Mediterranean universities, companies, organisations and personalities of renowned prestige.

Hussein Abaza is the Former Chief of the Economics and Trade Branch, United Nations Environment Programme.

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