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Nexus Fact Sheet // The Nexus Regional Dialogue in the Niger Basin Phase II

The aim of the project is to support the Niger Basin Authority (NBA) and its member states to take a Nexus approach to the management of the basin. This entails looking at resources in the basin in a holistic manner and putting in place cross-sectoral policies and projects. The NBA has a clear Nexus mandate and already has instruments to implement this.

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To achieve this objective the following fields of action are implemented.

  • Mainstreaming of the Nexus in the investment plan of the Niger Basin Authority. This allows to improve the cross-sectoral conception of the basin’s development, in terms of policy and of the 350 projects in the investment plan, through a coherent and integrated approach.
  • One demonstrative Nexus application. The Fomi Dam in Guinea is one of the three large infrastructure projects planned on the Niger. A Nexus approach in its planning, development and management maximises its potential for improving socio-economic development in the basin while nurturing ecosystems.
  • Human Capacity Development. A training module specific to the region is developed. Identified Nexus champions are supported in applying the Nexus in their context at the regional and the national level. Particular attention is given to women and civil society.


Factsheet Nexus Regional Dialogue in the Niger Basin (English)

Factsheet Nexus Regional Dialogue in the Niger Basin (French)


February 2018 // Updated October 2021

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