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Legacy of the FREXUS Project // Final Products

After four years of diligent implementation, the conclusion of the FREXUS project, was successfully achieved in June 2023. Throughout this time, the FREXUS project has produced a wide variety of products and tools to support security and climate resilience in a fragile context through the Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus. The project focused on local areas in Niger, Mali and Chad. This is a comprehensive list of the core achievements and key products.

FREXUS cover picture legacy

A deepened understanding of social and environmental factors in fragile areas

Since its start in 2019, the Frexus project has aimed to establish climate resilient development opportunities to help counter negative spirals of resource scarcity and conflicts. This is an overview of the projects core products and major achievements:

List of final Products



  • Frexus Booklet: Promoting change through an inclusive approach EN / FR
  • Frexus Approach Guidelines: Fostering Climate Security in Fragile Contexts EN / FR 
  • Policy Brief: From Forecast to prevention EN / FR


Training Material for security actors (FR only)





Success Stories from Mali, Niger and Chad

Webinars and Events

We encourage our readership to utilise and share these tools and products and thereby contribute to spreading Nexus knowledge.


Peaceful and climate-resilient communities managing their land, natural resources and ecosystems.

— Vision of the Frexus Project

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