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Resource  |  18 Apr 2018

A Simple Shift to More Sustainable Eating // Plant-based Burger Could Save Emissions Equal to 2 Million Cars

By Richard Waite, Daniel Vennard and Gerard Pozzi. Americans eat approximately 10 billion burgers each year. Replacing 30 percent of the beef in those burgers with mushrooms would, according to a study by the World Research...› more

Infographics  |  24 Mar 2017

Water-Energy Nexus // Infographic: How energy and water are intrinsically linked

By GE Look ahead. It takes water to produce energy. Renewable energy sources like solar or wind are the most water efficient ways to produce electricity. Energy is also increasingly used to produce freshwater. The International...› more

Infographics  |  24 Jan 2017

FAO and Climate Change // Soils, Land and Water for climate change adaptation and mitigation

Through short text and infographics this booklet describes how soils constitute the largest store of terrestrial carbon. When managed using Sustainable Soil Management (SSM) techniques, soils can play an important role in climate...› more

Infographics  |  12 Jan 2017

Infographic Virtual Water // "Hidden water - How much water is in chocolate?"

You cannot see how much water is required to produce what we eat every day. More than 15,000 l of water are needed to produce 1 kg of beef, 2,000 l for 1 kg of chocolate. › more

Infographics  |   2 Dec 2016

Infographic // The Nexus Circle

By German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE). This infographic shows the central position of water, energy and food supply security in the field of today's major challenges: climate change,...› more

Infographics  |  17 Nov 2016

Poster // WATER NEXUS – Salt-containing Water as a New Driver for Economy in Delta Areas

Poster of the Program Water Nexus of the Wageningen University, the Netherlands. › more

Infographics  |  17 Oct 2016

The Water-Land Nexus // Performance of Large Irrigation Schemes using the Example of the Gezira Scheme in Sudan

Worldwide, economic growth and changing lifestyles raise the demand for food production by almost 100% in 2050. Expanding irrigation is seen as a necessary step to meet this future pressure. In large irrigation schemes, crop...› more

Resource  |  29 Jun 2016

Infographic // The Water Footprint of Energy

How much freshwater is required to produce one unit of energy? Natural gas, coal, crude oil, photovoltaics, wind – every type of energy requires a different amount of water to generate power. Provided by the Climate Reality...› more

Infographics  |  19 May 2016

Water-Energy-Food Nexus

Leading Asian Sustainable Developement› more

Meeting the Water-Energy-Food Nexus Together
Infographics  |  11 Aug 2015

Infographic // Meeting the Water-Energy-Food Nexus Together

Addressing increasing demands with advanced water & processing technologies.› more

Addressing the Energy-Water Nexus
Infographics  |  22 Jan 2015

Infographic // Addressing the Energy-Water Nexus

How can we reduce the consumption of fresh water used to produce electricity? This infographic summarizes some of the discussion points.› more

Energy, Water, Food Nexus
Infographics  |  13 Dec 2014

Infographic // Energy, Water, Food Nexus

An infographic showing the interdependence of different resources in the Gulf economies.› more

A Diagram of the Water-Energy Nexus
Infographics  |   6 Nov 2014

Infographic // A Diagram of the Water-Energy Nexus

A graphic on the water-energy nexus from the US Dept. of Energy (DOE).› more

Interactions between water, energy and food
Infographics  |  16 Sep 2014

Infographic // Interactions between water, energy and food

Optimization - innovation - solution› more

Utilities called upon to address energy-water nexus
Infographics  |   7 Apr 2014

Infographic // Utilities called upon to address energy-water nexus

Utilities can be part of addressing these challenges of the energy-water nexus by educating consumers on the important role that energy plays in water usage, as well as making adjustments to their own plants. That is the...› more

thirsty energy - Energy and Water's Interdependence
Infographics  |  20 Jan 2014

Infographic // thirsty energy - Energy and Water's Interdependence

A large infographic documents prepared by the World Bank shows the water-energy interdependence in terms of energy needs water and water needs energy, global challenges and risks and on what's already happening.› more

The Water-Energy Challenge
Infographics  |   9 Oct 2013

Infographic // The Water-Energy Challenge

Illustrating the water-energy challenge in numbers. By the World Bank› more

The Environment Nexus: Your Digital Ecosystem
Infographics  |  22 Feb 2013

Infographics // The Environment Nexus: Your Digital Ecosystem

The IIEA/European Parliament Environment Nexus is an online hub for EU environment policy. Under three themes — water; agriculture and food security; and energy and climate — you will find visual, informative video interviews,...› more

Nature in Water Security
Infographics  |  28 Sep 2012

Animation // Nature in Water Security

Water resources vital to human well being and human activities are a product of nature. Through services that ecosystems perform, water flows are regulated and water quality is improved. These are just two of the valuable...› more

"What if I told you: you eat 3.496 litres of water"
Infographics  |  27 Sep 2012

Animation // "What if I told you: you eat 3.496 litres of water"

Animation on virtual water: "Eating water might sound strange, but you are about to discover that actually you eat loads of it, you are addicted to it, and you don't know it. An understanding of our water consumption can help us...› more

Results 1 - 20 / 22