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Fact Sheet // Power For All Technology Spotlight: Solar Powered Irrigation

This technology spotlight provides latest markets insights for emerging applications that unlock productivity through decentralized renewable energy technology.


Solar powered irrigation converts solar power into electrical energy to power a pump that lifts and carries water. Leveraging the cost decline of solar technologies, solar irrigation pumps are increasingly adopted by smallholder farmers in emerging markets to improve yields, reduce vulnerability to rainfall variability and to enable multiple cropping cycles. Although the upfront costs are about 3-4x that of their diesel pump equivalents, the total lifetime costs of solar irrigation are already competitive. Currently, the industry is at an inflection point, where the technology is mature enough for scale, which will continue to put downward pressure on cost.

This spotlight also provides brief insight into current market estimates and market gaps, average prices and addressable markets and growth projections, as well as pump system capacities and the implied impact potential.


February 2020


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Power For All Technology Spotlight: Solar Irrigation

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