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Ebook // Achieving Water-Energy-Food Nexus Sustainability: a Science and Data Need or a Need for Integrated Public Policy?

This special issue identifies different approaches that are either being conceptualized or tested to support the Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus approach. The articles contribute to answering the question, “Is achieving Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus Sustainability a science and data need or an integrated public policy need?” In either case, both natural and social scientists need to combine their efforts to address interdisciplinary science issues and integrated policy approaches. The issue includes 25 papers each designated as a specific type of paper by their authors.

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Table of Content

  • Editorial: Achieving Water-Energy-Food Nexus Sustainability: A Science and Data Need or a Need for Integrated Public Policy? Rabi Mohtar, Richard George Lawford and Jill A. Engel-Cox
  • Incorporating Social System Dynamics in the Columbia River Basin: Food-Energy-Water Resilience and Sustainability Modeling in the Yakima River Basin; Jennifer E. Givens, Julie Padowski, Christian D. Guzman, Keyvan Malek, Rebecca Witinok-Huber, Barbara Cosens, Michael Briscoe, Jan Boll and Jennifer Adam
  • What is Driving the Water-Energy-Food Nexus? Discourses, Knowledge, and Politics of an Emerging Resource Governance Concept; Viviana Wiegleb and Antje Bruns
  • Toward an Understanding of Synergies and Trade-Offs Between Water, Energy, and Food SDG Targets; Marianela Fader, Colleen Cranmer, Richard Lawford and Jill Engel-Cox
  • Spatial Assessment of Water Use Efficiency (SDG Indicator 6.4.1) for Regional Policy Support; Carlo Giupponi, Animesh K. Gain and Fabio Farinosi
  • A Conceptualization of the Urban Food-Energy-Water Nexus Sustainability Paradigm: Modeling From Theory to Practice; Richard Schulterbrandt Gragg, Aavudai Anandhi, Mintesinot Jiru and Kareem M. Usher
  • Technology for Sustainable Urban Food Ecosystems in the Developing World: Strengthening the Nexus of Food–Water–Energy–Nutrition; Fred T. Davies and Banning Garrett
  • Global Water Transfer Megaprojects: A Potential Solution for the Water-Food-Energy Nexus? Oleksandra Shumilova, Klement Tockner, Michele Thieme, Anna Koska and Christiane Zarfl
  • Governing the Water-Energy-Food Nexus Related to Hydropower on Shared Rivers—The Role of Regional Organizations; Ines Dombrowsky and Oliver Hensengerth
  • Changing Patterns of Tree Cover in a Tropical Highland Region and Implications for Food, Energy, and Water Resources; Temesgen Alemneh, Benjamin F. Zaitchik, Belay Simane and Argaw Ambelu
  • Water-Energy-Food Nexus Sustainability in the Upper Blue Nile (UBN) Basin; Mariam M. Allam and Elfatih A. B. Eltahir
  • The Development of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus as a Framework for Achieving Resource Security: A Review; Gareth B. Simpson and Graham P. W. Jewitt
  • Stakeholder Perspectives on Sustainability in the Food-Energy-Water Nexus; Jeffrey M. Bielicki, Margaret A. Beetstra, Jeffrey B. Kast, Yaoping Wang and Shaohui Tang
  • Holistic Water-Energy-Food Nexus for Guiding Water Resources Planning: Matagorda County, Texas Case; Muhammed I. Kulat, Rabi H. Mohtar and Francisco Olivera
  • Hydrologic and Agricultural Earth Observations and Modeling for the Water-Food Nexus; Amy McNally, Sean McCartney, Alex C. Ruane, Iliana E. Mladenova, Alyssa K. Whitcraft, Inbal Becker-Reshef, John D. Bolten, Christa D. Peters-Lidard, Cynthia Rosenzweig and Stephanie Schollaert Uz
  • Recovery of Lost Nexus Synergy via Payment for Environmental Services in Kumamoto, Japan; Makoto Taniguchi, Kimberly M. Burnett, Jun Shimada, Takahiro Hosono, Christopher A. Wada and Kiyoshi Ide
  • One Swallow Does Not Make a Summer: Siloes, Trade-Offs and Synergies in the Water-Energy-Food Nexus; Mathew Kurian, Christopher Scott, V. Ratna Reddy, Graham Alabaster, Adelaide Nardocci, Kent Portney, Rizaldi Boer and Bryce Hannibal
  • How Methods for Navigating Uncertainty Connect Science and Policy at the Water-Energy-Food Nexus; Laurie Yung, Elena Louder, Louise A. Gallagher, Kristal Jones and Carina Wyborn
  • Understanding the Water–Food–Energy Nexus for Supporting Sustainable Food Production and Conserving Hydropower Potential in China; Wenfeng Liu, Hong Yang, Qiuhong Tang and Xingcai Liu
  • A Nexus Approach for the MENA Region—From Concept to Knowledge to Action; Holger Hoff, Sajed Aqel Alrahaife, Rana El Hajj, Kerstin Lohr, Fatima Ezzahra Mengoub, Nadim Farajalla, Kerstin Fritzsche, Guy Jobbins, Gül Özerol, Robert Schultz and Anne Ulrich
  • The Development of the INFEWS-ER: A Virtual Resource Center for Transdisciplinary Graduate Student Training at the Nexus of Food, Energy and Water; Luis F. Rodríguez, Anna-Maria Marshall, Dan Cotton, Richard Koelsch, Jacek Koziel, Deanne Meyer, Dan Steward, Jill Heemstra, Anand Padmanabahn, John Classen, Nathan J. Meyer, Benjamin L. Ruddell, Sean M. Ryan, Ximing Cai, Emad Habib and Peter D. Saundry
  • A Design for a Data and Information Service to Address the Knowledge Needs of the Water-Energy-Food (W-E-F) Nexus and Strategies to Facilitate Its Implementation; Richard G. Lawford
  • Competition for Land: The Water-Energy-Food Nexus and Coal Mining in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa; Gareth B. Simpson, Jessica Badenhorst, Graham P. W. Jewitt, Marit Berchner and Ellen Davies
  • Explaining National Trends in Terrestrial Water Storage; C. Bayan Bruss, Roshanak Nateghi and Benjamin F. Zaitchik
  • Can the Implementation of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus Support Economic Growth in the Mediterranean Region? The Current Status and the Way Forward; Vasileios Markantonis, Arnaud Reynaud, Armagan Karabulut, Rana El Hajj, Dogan Altinbilek, Ibrahim M. Awad, Adriana Bruggeman, Vangelis Constantianos, Jaroslav Mysiak, Nicola Lamaddalena, Mohamed Salah Matoussi, Henrique Monteiro, Alberto Pistocchi, Ugo Pretato, Naser Tahboub, Ismail Kaan Tunçok, Olcay Ünver, Remco Van Ek, Bárbara Willaarts, Sönmez Bülent, Turan Zakir and Giovanni Bidoglio
  • Energy and Climate Change Mitigation Benefits of Faidherbia albida Agroforestry in Ethiopia; Jonathan D. Haskett, Belay Simane and Caitlin Smith


October 2020


Frontiers in Environmental Science


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