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Resource  |  , Slides  |  19 Mar 2018

Presentation // Pathways for a More Efficient Water-Energy Nexus

By Salvador B. Rodriguez. Proposed for presentation at the 2016 Energy Policy Research Conference held 8-9 Sep 2016 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States.› more

Policy Papers  |  , Resource  |  17 Mar 2018

Saving Watts to Save Drops // Inclusion of Water Efficiency in Energy Efficiency Programs

By Weston Berg and David Ribeiro. This study provides an overview of practices for quantifying and reporting avoided energy-water costs from demand-side measures. It also summarises the regulatory guidance for incorporating water...› more

Research Papers, Publications and Books  |  , Resource  |  17 Mar 2018

Sustainable Resource Use in the Global Water-Food-Energy Nexus // Advances in Process-based Integrated Assessment Modelling

By D.L. Bijl. Most of humanity's basic needs are related to the commodities water, food and energy. Driven by economic development and population growth, the use of water, food and energy has continued to increase rapidly during...› more