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Research Papers, Publications and Books  |  , Resource  |  30 Oct 2017

Water-Energy Nexus // Emerging Scientific and Engineering Opportunities within the Water-Energy Nexus

By Jeffrey J. Urban. The goal of this article is to define the scientific context of the water-energy nexus and examine ways in which developing technologies could have an impact on the future of deriving energy from water and, in turn, water from energy. Scientists, perched upon the steep slopes of demand curves for water and energy, are charged with developing enhanced techniques to enable a sustainable water and energy future. Inevitably though, for sustainability to be achieved, there must be a pairing of these innovative new technologies with a more cognizant public perception surrounding water use and reuse.

Fundamentally, energy and water resources are deeply interconnected. This presents urgent demands for impactful innovation in light of trends in population and energy consumption. Appropriate technologies can substitute for water in two of its three main roles (thermal medium, solvent, and biological medium); however, innovation is needed as these technologies have evolved over time from engineering needs, and not first-principles scientific thought.

Central research priorities in the water-energy nexus are water-free energy generation, CO2 sequestration, low-energy separations, and enhanced fluids. Above all else discussed in the article, water pretreatment is presently a mystery and could transform future water and energy landscapes on an ultimate path to sustainable energy generation with no water waste.



October 2017


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