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Research Papers, Publications and Books  |  , Resource  |  26 Sep 2017

Report // The Land-Water-Energy Nexus - Biophysical and Economic Consequences

This report contributes to the discussion of interconnections between scarce resources by highlighting the nexus between land, water and energy (the LWE nexus). It focuses on a dynamic, integrated, and disaggregated analysis of how land, water and energy interact in the biophysical and economic systems. The report provides projections for the biophysical and economic consequences of nexus bottlenecks until 2060, highlighting that while the LWE nexus is essentially local, there can be significant large-scale repercussions in vulnerable regions, notably on forest cover and in terms of food and water security.

The analysis is based on coupling a gridded biophysical systems model with a multi-regional, multi-sectoral dynamic general equilibrium modelling assessment. Numerical insights are provided by investigating a carefully selected set of scenarios that are designed to illustrate the key bottlenecks: one scenario for each resource bottleneck, plus two scenarios that combine all bottlenecks, with and without an overlay of climate change.


  • The nexus between land, water and energy
  • A framework for assessing the land-water-energy nexus
  • Trends that drive the land-water-energy nexus
  • Biophysical and economic consequences of the nexus bottlenecks
  • An integrated look at the nexus bottlenecks




September 2017


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Urban Nexus // The water-energy-food nexus: An integration agenda and implications for urban governance

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