Nexus Region Southern Africa — SADC

The Southern African region represents a wide range of resource and climate contexts with varied supplies of water, food and energy. Each of the fifteen member states of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) has a distinct developmental imperative. Integrated planning of water, food and energy sectors and promoting regional cooperation has been considered as a strategy to meet water, energy and food security targets, and to improve natural resource use efficiencies in the region.

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Africa // Nexus Trade-offs and Strategies for Addressing the Water, Agriculture and Energy Security Nexus in Africa

This study by ICA, IUCN and IWA was intended to apply a structured analytical process to Africa's Volta and Lake Victoria basins and using this information to provide an overview of selected regional challenges and opportunities for multipurpose (water infrastructure); and based on that to design a Rapid Assessment Framework (RAF) with which to assess how current and upcoming infrastructure projects deal with nexus challenges.

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Policies and institutions for achieving the virtuous food-energy-water nexus in sub-Saharan Africa
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Fact Sheet // Policies and Institutions for Achieving the Virtuous Food-Energy-Water Nexus in sub-Saharan Africa

Using computable general equilibrium (CGE) and micro-economic models, this study will assess the impacts of alternative government policies, which are based on farmer policy instrument preferences on food security, poverty and the sustainability of land, water resources and energy use.

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