Nexus Region Southern Africa — SADC

The Southern African region represents a wide range of resource and climate contexts with varied supplies of water, food and energy. Each of the fifteen member states of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) has a distinct developmental imperative. Integrated planning of water, food and energy sectors and promoting regional cooperation has been considered as a strategy to meet water, energy and food security targets, and to improve natural resource use efficiencies in the region.

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Discussion Forum in South Africa // Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Towards Efficient National Planning

In South Africa, there is a lack of a clear elevated plan to manage the water-energy-food nexus and to inform decision-making processes in support of the National Development Plan. In light of the recent severe droughts, it is essential to have a national dialogue by the relevant experts, affected communities, and government departments. This event aims at discussing recent research and looking at steps taken by the government to better manage water, energy and food security.

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Climate Change

Climate and Southern Africa's Water-Energy-Food Nexus

By Declan Conway, Emma Archer van Garderen, Delphine Deryng, Steve Dorling, Tobias Krueger, Willem Landman, Bruce Lankford, Karen Lebek, Tim Osborn, Claudia Ringler, James Thurlow, Tingju Zhu and Carole Dalin. In southern Africa, the connections between climate and the water–energy–food nexus are strong. Physical and socioeconomic exposure to climate is high in many areas and in crucial economic sectors. Spatial interdependence is also high, driven, for example, by the regional extent of many...

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FAFS Lecture // Is Regional Integration in the Nile Basin possible? The Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Practice

As part of the FAFS Lecture Series, ​FAFS and the Food Security Program invite you to an open lecture on "Is Regional Integration in the Nile Basin possible? The water-energy-food nexus in practice" by Dr. Harry Verhoeven.

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Project // Governing the Land-Water-Environment Nexus in Southern Africa

In southern Africa, the intersection of land, water and environment is central to a range of challenges for policymakers, businesses and local people. This project studies the different ways in which the "nexus" of land, water and environment are governed in the region. It investigates different governance styles (including technocratic, market-led, state-led and citizen-led approaches), and asks what difference they make to the mechanisms and actors that are involved.

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Session at RGS 2018 // Decentralising the Governance of the Nexus: The Challenges of Politics and Power in Finding Workable Solutions to a Democratic Management of the Landscape

The Shire River Basin in Malawi is a landscape that brings the nexus of food, water and energy into sharp focus: the landscape generates 90% of the country’s electricity, could be its ‘bread basket’ but is ecologically fragile. The decentralisation of government to district councils and elected Commissioners started in 2000 as part of a process of consolidating democracy, of bringing ‘citizen participation into the decision-making’. However, few sectoral authorities have decentralized functions...

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Project // S-MultiStor: Sustainable Hydropower and Multipurpose Storage to Meet the Water, Food and Energy SDG's

This project is a 3-year program to investigate and demonstrate improved approaches to sustainable multipurpose water storage, including both gray and green storage. We have assembled a consortium of leading international partner organizations responsible for developing and testing decision-support tools that have the potential to make a measurable impact on sustainable development.

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Atelier Nexus à Bamako// Mieux structurer ce que nous savons déjà

Par Richard Sagno. L'atelier Nexus à Bamako les 2 et 3 mai 2018 a réuni plus de 40 professionnels pour discuter du Nexus et partager leur expérience d'un large éventail d'institutions et de projets. L'approche Nexus, c'était clair, permet de mieux fixer les priorités et de réduire les externalités indésirables.

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Nexus Workshop in Bamako // Better Structuring of What We Already Know

By Richard Sagno. The Nexus Workshop in Bamako on 2-3 May 2018 brought together more than 40 professionals to discuss the Nexus and share their experience from a wide range of institutions and projects. The Nexus approach, it was clear, allows for better priority setting and reduction of unwanted externalities.

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Fact Sheets

Nexus Regional Dialogues // Nexus Fact Sheet Collection

The Nexus Regional Dialogues aim at connecting and educating sectors, states and experts in the respective regions. They are implemented by different international organisations and in cooperation with regional partners. The Fact Sheet Collections gives an overview of the project regions and the specific regional Nexus-related challenges.

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8th SADC River Basin Organisations Workshop in Namibia // African RBOs Play an Active Role in Facilitating Investment for Water-Energy-Food Security

The River Basin Organisations Workshop focused on "securing strategic investments to realise the benefits of transboundary water cooperation." The Nexus Dialogue Programme created an enabling environment for further water-energy-food (WEF) Nexus investments. The workshop highlighted the leading role SACD River Basin Organisations (RBOs) can play in promoting a joint multi-sector investment programme aimed at achieving water-energy-food security.

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