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Middle East and North Africa Region — MENA

The Middle East and North Africa Region, in short MENA, stretches over 6,000 km from Morocco in the West to Iran in the East. Despite significant subregional difference, the entire area is faced with similar challenges. All MENA countries have to cope with a water deficit, while they strive to achieve a self-sustaining agriculture at the same time. Energy production in the region still strongly relies on fossil fuels, even though there is a high potential for renewable energies. Institutions and administration are dominated by sectoral thinking, but bridging approaches are developing.


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MENA  |  14 Nov 2017

Horizon // Jordan joins Mediterranean research effort to tackle water, food insecurity

Jordan has become the 19th country to sign up to an international research effort to tackle water scarcity and food insecurity in the Mediterranean region. The agreement was signed in a ceremony at the World Science Forum in...› more

Media  |   1 Nov 2017

New York Times // Jordan Water Crisis Worsens as Mideast Tensions Slow Action

Jordanians don't need scientists to tell them that they live in one of the world's driest countries in the center of the planet's most water-poor region. But recent studies suggest the kingdom, a Western ally and refugee host...› more

Policy Papers  |  17 Oct 2017

Policy Brief // The Natural Resources and Security Nexus

By Yulia Aleshchenkova, Alberto Pallecchi, Kitty van der Heijden and Tim Sweijs. This Issue Brief summarizes the key takeaways of a meeting of a Global Expert Group that convened at the Future Force Conference held in The Hague,...› more

Panel Discussions  |  17 Oct 2017

Planetary Security Conference 2017 // Water-Energy-Food Security in the MENA Region (C1)

How do you manage critical resources in a region facing heightened tensions, long-term conflict and climate change impacts? This event will explore this question by bringing together and encouraging dialogue between experts and...› more

Research Papers, Publications and Books  |  17 Oct 2017

Project Report // Options for a Nexus Coordination Mechanism for the League of Arab States

By Alexander Carius and Annika Kramer. One important step in the process of WEF Nexus mainstreaming in Arab regional policies and institutions is to improve coordination and collaboration across sectoral activities, initiatives,...› more

Research Papers, Publications and Books  |  17 Oct 2017

Project Report // Regional Policy Guidelines for Mainstreaming the Water-Energy-Food Nexus

By Alexander Carius and Annika Kramer. The aim of this policy guide is to suggest institutional set-ups and procedures in support of mainstreaming a WEF-nexus approach in LAS policies, strategies and activities. It is part of a...› more

Research Papers, Publications and Books  |  17 Oct 2017

Project Report // National Policy Guidelines for Mainstreaming the Water-Energy-Food Nexus

By L. Mansour, A. Kramer, H. Abaza, N. AlOuran, W. AlZubari, A. Carius, A. Ulrich and H. Hoff. The National Guidelines are part of a series of studies and policy guides prepared within the assignement “Mainstreaming the...› more

Research Papers, Publications and Books  |  17 Oct 2017

Project Report // Lessons Learnt Report from Mainstreaming the Water-Energy-Food Security (WEF) Nexus

By Holger Hoff, Lamia Mansour, Alexander Carius and Anne Ulrich. The aim of this report is to document the process which has been adopted by the study “Mainstreaming the Water-Energy-Food Security (WEF) Nexus into Policies and...› more

Research Papers, Publications and Books  |   9 Oct 2017

Project Report // Mainstreaming the Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus into Sectoral Policies and Institutions in the Arab Region

By Holger Hoff and Anne Ulrich. Using a cross-sectoral (horizontally integrated) and multi-level (vertically integrated) approach this study has worked at the regional and national levels to identify entry points, processes and...› more

Event  |   5 Oct 2017

MENA // Water Energy Food Nexus Policy Dialogue

This Policy Dialogue Meeting is organised by the American University of Beirut and the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs, with financial support by the government of the Netherlands, and will take...› more

Resource  |  31 Aug 2017

Water-Food Nexus // Safe Use of Wastewater in Agriculture: A Workshop on Policy and Implementation for Iran

By Hiroshan Hettiarachchi, Reza Ardakanian, UNU-FLORES. Workshop proceedings. Growing population, decreasing rainfall, increased extraction of both surface and groundwater resources, and adoption of development-oriented...› more

Implementation and Case Studies  |  14 Jul 2017

Water-Energy Nexus // Examples of Positive Bioenergy and Water Relationships

By IEA Bioenergy and Global Bioenergy Partnership. The 20 examples presented in this publication illustrate an encouraging variety both in terms of bioenergy systems and geographical distribution, and they all show how solutions...› more

Media  |   6 Jul 2017

Financial Tribune // Morocco to Build Largest Seawater Desalination Plant

The project will be developed by Abengoa, a Spain-based company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the energy and environment sectors, in the Agadir region in partnership with the National Office...› more

Media  |   3 Jul 2017

Info Médiaire // Morocco launches world-largest project for desalination of shared seawater for irrigation and drinking water fueled by renewable energies

The National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fishing, Rural Development, Water and Forests have signed a public-private partnership for this project in the Souss Massa...› more

Implementation and Case Studies  |  26 Jun 2017

WaCClim Case Study // Water-Energy-Climate Nexus in Jordan

Jordan is the world ́s second most water-scarce country. Energy consumption accounts for around 73 percent of Jordan’s national emissions and 15 % of these are attributed to the water sector. Water pumping is responsible for the...› more

Implementation and Case Studies  |  13 Jun 2017

Coping with Water Scarcity under Changing Climate Conditions // Best Practices and Innovations on Trial

A collection of 15 case studies from the MENA region by GIZ and the Mediterranean Environmental Network (MEN), based either on their success – then called a ‘Best Practice’ – or on their inspiring, innovative ideas, called an...› more

Projects  |   2 Jun 2017

Water-Food Nexus // Programme "Remote Sensing for Water Productivity"

This programme will assist the Member Countries of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in monitoring water productivity, identifying water productivity gaps, proposing solutions to reduce these gaps...› more

News  |  31 May 2017

MENA // Water Energy Food Nexus as a Key Driver for Achieving the SDGs in the Arab Region

By Nisreen Lahham. Under the auspices of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States (LAS) organized the "Arab Sustainable...› more

Slides  |  30 May 2017

Presentation // The Nexus between Energy, Food, and Water Security in the Arabian Gulf

Presentation by Jean-Marc Rickli and Joaan Bin Jassim.› more

Policy Papers  |  24 May 2017

Policy Brief // Enhancing regional cooperation in the Middle East and North Africa through the Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus

By Rana El Hajj, Nadim Farajalla, Tessa Terpstra andv Anders Jägerskog. Water, energy and food resources in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region are in a critical situation in general but with interregional variations....› more

Results 1 - 20 / 69