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Middle East and North Africa Region — MENA

The Middle East and North Africa Region, in short MENA, stretches over 6,000 km from Morocco in the West to Iran in the East. Despite significant subregional difference, the entire area is faced with similar challenges. All MENA countries have to cope with a water deficit, while they strive to achieve a self-sustaining agriculture at the same time. Energy production in the region still strongly relies on fossil fuels, even though there is a high potential for renewable energies. Institutions and administration are dominated by sectoral thinking, but bridging approaches are developing.


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Projects  |  15 Feb 2017

Project // TriNex - Knowledge Triagnle Platform for the Water-Energy-Food Nexus

The TriNex project will be implemented in stages over a period of 36 months and split into nine overlapping work packages. Five of these work packages will be development oriented, while the remaining four will cover...› more

Policy Papers  |  10 Feb 2017

Basin Governance // Governance Structures for Transboundary Water Management in the Jordan Basin

By Elizabeth Yaari, Marian Neal and Zaki Shubber. This report is produced to support EcoPeace Middle East and other users including riparian governments to facilitate discussion among stakeholders as to what type of basin...› more

MENA  |  27 Jan 2017

pv magazine // Solar PV powers desalination plant in Abu Dhabi

By Ilias Tsagas. Solar PV’s dynamism stems from its ability to take on different forms. An emerging application for the technology is seawater desalination using electricity generated through solar PV.› more

Videos  |  26 Jan 2017

Video // Water-food Nexus: Tackling Water Scarcity in the Context of Sustainable Development - Technical Briefing

The technical briefing will discuss how countries can address the dilemma of food production under limited water availability. Dr. Pasquale Steduto, FAO Regional Strategic Programmes Coordinator for the Near East and North Africa...› more

Workshops  |  25 Jan 2017

Water-Energy Nexus: Resource Efficiency // Capacity Building Workshop for ESCWA Region

The UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) Beirut, Lebanon, in cooperation with the National Oil and Gas Authority in Bahrain under the patronage of the Minister of Oil, will organize a regional...› more

Meetings & Roundtables  |  24 Jan 2017

5TOI_4EWAS // Nexus Think Tank Meeting

The NTT is a network of experienced people, composed by experts from the public and private sectors. It discusses about relevant topics – in relation to social needs in water, food and energy sector - contributing to regional...› more

Networking  |  24 Jan 2017

5TOI_4EWAS // Brokerage Event

As part of 5TOI_4EWAS project aiming at supporting Innovation in the South Mediterranean countries, to build a bridge between innovation and policies to open new markets in the energy, agriculture and water management and support...› more

Projects  |  24 Jan 2017

Project // 5TOI_4EWAS Energy, Water and Agriculture in the South Mediterranean Neighbourhood

The project will enhance and support regional smart specialization and development by increasing research capacity, effective mobility of young innovators/researchers and shared knowledge to improve their participation in the EU...› more

Resource  |  12 Jan 2017

Modelling & Assessment // The development of the energy, water and food nexus systems model

By Tareq Al-Ansari. The objective of this thesis is to present the details and function of the EWF Nexus environmental assessment tool, and illustrate its implementation through a specific food security scenario in Qatar. The EWF...› more

Side Events  |  22 Dec 2016

COP22 Side Event // The nexus approach in the MENA region: A road to climate adaptation and mitigation in science, policy-making and practical implementation

The Middle East and North Africa face growing challenges related to water supply, energy security and political stability, which are likely to be exacerbated by climate change. This makes it crucial to develop integrated...› more

News  |  21 Dec 2016

COP22 // From Desalination to Solar Energy Farming: The ‘Nexus’ in Action

By Jenny Seifert and Marion Davis. Morocco, the host of COP22, has ambitious climate mitigation goals, but also huge adaptation needs. Could it serve as a model for successful cross-sectoral approaches?› more

MENA  |  19 Dec 2016

EcoMENA // Water-Energy Nexus in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

By Mohammed Abdallah. The United Arab Emirates has been witnessing fast-paced economic growth as well as rapid increase in population during the last couple of decades. As a result, the need for water and energy has increased...› more

Research Papers, Publications and Books  |  15 Dec 2016

Book // The Water-Energy-Food Nexus in the Middle East and North Africa

By Martin Keulertz and Eckart Woertz. This book discusses key issues concerning water, energy and food in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. It provides an interdisciplinary account of current developments in the...› more

Research Papers, Publications and Books  |  15 Dec 2016

Book // The Water, Energy, and Food Security Nexus in the Arab Region

Ed. by Kamel M. Amer, Zafar Adeel, Benno Böer and Walid Saleh. This book investigates the need for a more open and interdisciplinary dialogue on the nexus of food, water and energy security in the Arab region. It argues that...› more

News  |  13 Dec 2016

COP22 // Report from the side event "A nexus approach to integrated climate change adaptation and mitigation in Morocco and the wider MENA region"

By Holger Hoff, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research/Stockholm Environment Institute. The article provides a summary of a COP22 Side Event on the Nexus approach in Morocco and the MENA region. It took place on 10 Nov...› more

Research Papers, Publications and Books  |   9 Dec 2016

Drylands // The Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Arid Regions: The Politics of Problemsheds

By Martin Keulertz, Jeannie Sowers, Eckart Woertz and Rabi Mohtar. This article analyses institutional “problemsheds” that shape the implementation of nexus initiatives in arid regions of the United States, the Persian/Arabian...› more

Resource  |   7 Dec 2016

Planning // Water-energy-food (WEF) Nexus Tool 2.0: guiding integrative resource planning and decision-making

By Bassel T. Daher and Rabi H. Mohtar. The paper introduces a framework and set of methodologies that define the linkages between the interconnected resources of water, energy and food, and enable explicit corresponding...› more

Media  |   2 Dec 2016

Jordan Times // Entrepreneurs urged to focus on water, energy, food as interconnected sectors

Entrepreneurs and researchers in the Arab region are invited to focus on the interlinked sectors of energy, food and water and be catalysts of change to create more environmentally aware and sustainable societies, thought leaders...› more

Research Papers, Publications and Books  |  30 Nov 2016

Research // Opportunities for energy-water nexus management in the Middle East and North Africa

By Amro M. Farid, William N. Lubega and William W. Hickman. The goal of this paper is to identify and motivate several opportunities for enhanced integrated operations management and planning in the energy-water nexus in...› more

Tools and Databases  |  18 Nov 2016

Water-Energy Nexus // UN ESCWA Regional Policy Toolkit for the Arab Region

The water and energy nexus regional policy toolkit was prepared as part of the United Nations Development Account (UNDA) project on developing the capacity of ESCWA Member Countries to address the water and energy nexus for...› more

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