event 20 Apr 2018

Workshop // Contributions for the Alignment of Water Policies with National and Development Policies under the Nexus Perspective

The basin of the Santa Eulalia River represents an important territory. It produces 50% of the water and 70% of the energy used in Lima, capital city of Peru and second largest city in the world located in a desert ecosystem. At the same time, it is a mainly rural valley with an agricultural exporting vocation and for national supply. A workshop that took place in Santa Eulalia, Peru, on 9 Nov 2018, discussed the way forward for an effective implementation of the Nexus approach in this context. The workshop was organised by GIZ Nexus Project team and Peruvian National Water Authority (ANA).

Nexus workshop peru 2018

This reality contrasts with the critical situation of the local population, they do not have adequate water, energy and food security, while suffering the effects of climate change, which becomes evident by the accelerated reduction of its glaciers, which have almost disappeared.

The basin of Santa Eulalia is presented as a scenario, in which it is possible to discuss the multiple relations that are generated between water resources, energy and agriculture for food. These relations include various components such as economic, environmental, social, cultural and institutional, which are in many cases hardly visualized

Objectives of the Workshop

  • Analyse the key sectors of the Nexus with presence in the Santa Eulalia river basin (tributary to the river Rímac).
  • Identify and analyse the intersectoral interrelationships (synergies and tradeoffs) between the water-energy-food/agriculture components within the framework of the Santa Eulalia River basin and its relationship with the Rímac river basin.
  • Agree on a prioritisation of identified interrelationships.


  • Representatives of ANA, Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (MINAGRI) Ministry of Energy and Mining (MINEM), Ministry of Environment (MINAM), Drinking Water and Sewerage Services for Lima (SEDAPAL)
  • Water resources council at basin level for Chillón, Rímac, Lurín
  • Representatives of the Regional Government of Lima and Municipalities in the basin
  • Community leaders
  • Representatives of Universities and Civil society, namely Global Water Partnership and Aquafondo
  • Economic Comission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), German Development Cooperation (GIZ)

The workshop was conducted in a participatory manner, through group work and round tables, seeking to ensure a good participation of local actors expressing their points of view, perceptions and approaches.


  1. Improve national and local policies aiming at protecting against soil and water pollution, with adequate quality standards.
  2. Achieve a greater articulation and coordination among local, regional and national entities to assume co-responsibility in the management of the basin.
  3. Generate conditions for the strengthening of public institutions in matters of supervision and control of access and water quality for the different actors.
  4. Establish mechanisms for the articulation of usersin the basin, based on the Water Resources Council CHIRILU.
  5. Formulate an integrated development plan at basin level. MINAM is asked to propose the mitigation and adaptation plan for Santa Eulalia. Promote water culture. Greater formalization of water use.
  6. Develop local capacities for the implementation of programmes to improve the rational use of water resources, healthy eating, the use of renewable energies, support local agricultural production of avocados and cherimoyas, as well as raise awareness of taking care of the environment and natural resources .
  7. Formulate projects in the framework of the integrated water resources management and achieve timely financing through the various mechanisms (public, private and public-private)
  8. Validate and promote technologies for the sustainable management of water resources.

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