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Vacancy // Technical Expert - Promotion of Solar Water Pumps

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) is looking for a technical expert in a project centered around the promotion of solar water pumps. The vacancy is based in the office of New Delhi, India.

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Project Background

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) has entrusted GIZ with the responsibility for implementing the German contribution to the Indo-German Energy Programme – Promotion of Solar Water Pumps (IGEN-PSWP). IGEN-PSWP will facilitate the development of an enabling market environment for the promotion of solar water pumps for productive use in selected federal states in a sustainable manner in India. The project would strive for developing a favorable policy environment for sustainable use of the solar pump, explore innovative business models, and facilitate access to affordable finance. The project would be developing the capacities of stakeholders like officials in financial institutions and agricultural-extension service providers. The goal of the initiative is to improve the deployment of solar water pumps for productive use in a sustainable manner in selected federal states of India. For more details please visit

• To provide technical assistance in terms of policy support for the successful deployment of solar water pumps both at the national and state level.
• To work closely with the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and a few state governments for sustainable deployment of solar-powered irrigation systems.
• To organize dedicated stakeholder consultations/ events with special focus on policy linkages with diverse stakeholders.

Core scope of Tasks

1. Implementation support to Central and State Government:
• Supporting and assisting the central and the state governments in the formation of tender documents by providing technical feedback.
• Providing support in designing the subsidy delivery mechanisms and the monitoring and evaluation mechanism for deployment of solar pumps both at the Central and state level.
• Co-ordinating with different agencies and institutions for procurement of solar pumps, also facilitating in co-ordination with associated policies within water-energy-food nexus.

2. Technical support in the replication of successful and sustainable business models under PM-KUSUM scheme:
• Identifying the relevant factors for ensuring successful business models for both off-grid and on-grid solar pumps.
• Working with the private sector and other relevant stakeholders for improving the business models for replications.
• Handholding support to central and state government to explore upscaling of the business models.
• Support in documentation and dissemination of the good practices surrounding business models and to structure policy recommendations for improved deployment of business models.

3. Monitoring and Evaluation:
• Designing, implementing and monitoring interventions as per the policy requirements.
• Designing and developing impact reports for knowledge sharing among larger stakeholders.
• Developing and managing the digital database from the project interventions.

4. Project Management:
• Responsible for project management (planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluating, management of consultants, etc).
• Developing and designing Terms of Reference for projects ;
• Responsible for meeting at least one of the project indicators of the Promotion of Solar Water pump project.

5. Other tasks:
• Supporting and providing technical backstopping to team members concerning the promotion of solar water pump,
• Representing IGEN-PSWP at different national and international forums for the sharing of programme learnings and results.

Required qualifications, Experience and Competencies
• Master’s degree in renewable energy/energy studies, management, economics, social sciences or on any other related field.
• At least 7 years of work experience (after completing the Master’s degree)
• Experience of working with an agency/ project management unit implementing a government programme in the areas of renewable energy/ rural development/agriculture or with a relevant firm for implementing projects involving the private sector and government will be an added advantage.

Location: Delhi

Duration of the contract: Until 30th September 2022

Last date of receiving application: 20th May 2020

Position Type: Full-Time

Organization Type: Government

Reference #: 31/05/2020/TE/PSWP/Delhi

How to Apply: Please send your application in GIZ application form along with the following to with the reference number in the subject line.

• a statement of suitability for this position
• expected salary and notice period
• a maximum of 2 pager note on any one of the topics given below:

1. Can the creation of a project management unit (PMU) help states to implement PM-KUSUM scheme better? If you are responsible for setting up a project management unit, please share the approach and the steps that you would follow to set up the PMU and what would be the key activities of the PMU.


2. Once selected you may be responsible for developing the monitoring, reporting and verification structure for the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan (PM-KUSUM). Can you please highlight the different features of the MRV which you would like to design for PM-KUSUM.

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