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Jobs  |  13 Feb 2017

Vacancy // Intern at Food & Water Europe

Food & Water Europe is currently recruiting for a Campaigns intern for its Brussels office. The person must be committed to Food & Water Europe’s values, vision and mission and interested in fighting for safe food, clean water...› more

News  |  13 Feb 2017

The Sustainable Urban Global Initiative (SUGI)/Food-Water-Energy Nexus Call is open for applications - Info and matchmaking webinar on February 16

The Sustainable Urban Global Initiative (SUGI)/Food-Water-Energy Nexus brings together research and expertise across the globe to find innovative new solutions to the Food-Water-Energy Nexus challenge. The call is a joint call by...› more

Scholarships  |  10 Feb 2017

PhD Programme // Integrated Management of Water, Soil and Waste, Dresden/Germany

UNU-FLORES and Technische Universität Dresden are now accepting applications from graduates in engineering, social sciences, and natural sciences for their joint PhD Programme in Integrated Management of Water, Soil and Waste....› more

Scholarships  |   9 Feb 2017

Funded PhD Scholarship // Water-Energy Nexus at the NUI Galway/Ireland

The links between energy usage and water are not clearly understood or recognised and thus water consumption is not considered as being intertwined with energy/electricity usage. Additionally, the water footprint of...› more

Jobs  |   9 Feb 2017

Vacancy // Energy Modeler/Researcher at IIASA

The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) near Vienna in Austria, is looking to recruit a motivated and talented researcher to join a team within the Energy (ENE) Program analyzing a wide range of issues...› more

News  |   8 Feb 2017

What is so special about the water-energy-food nexus?

By Dennis Wichelns. Describing connections across policy domains is helpful, but the focus on water, energy and food is discretionary and limiting. › more

News  |   7 Feb 2017

Water-Energy Nexus // New Research Project on the Water-Energy Nexus

The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) is currently developing a project researching the Water Energy Nexus. The project studies water use related to thermal power generation, quality assessment of discharged waste water and...› more

News  |   1 Feb 2017

Risk // Shared risk – key to guiding action on water, food and energy

By Luc Hoffmann Institute. The Sustainable Development Goals challenge markets, regulators and practitioners to identify where and how to act to achieve water, food and energy security. This challenge calls for responses that are...› more

News  |   1 Feb 2017

Call for Submissions // IAHS 2017 Scientific Assembly

For the forthcoming Scientific Assembly of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences, focussed ob "Water And Development: Scientific Challenges In Addressing Societal Issues" and taking place in Port Elizabeth, South...› more

News  |  31 Jan 2017

Desalination // Lowering Desalination’s Energy Footprint: Lessons from Israel

By Kate Zerrenner. There’s an old expression that whisky is for drinking and water is for fighting over. The Legislative Session is upon us again in Texas, and count on water being an issue, as it always is in this drought and...› more

Scholarships  |  30 Jan 2017

PhD Scholarship // Mapping the Water-Energy Nexus and Urban Metabolism, University of Queensland, Australia

Opportunities exist for one or more PhD students to contribute to a set of exciting projects focused on understanding how water and energy are interconnected in cities and economies. We are seeking PhD candidates to join a unique...› more

News  |  27 Jan 2017

UN // Sustainable agriculture, better-managed water supplies, vital to tackling water-food nexus

Highlighting the challenges associated with the inextricable links between water and food – the so-called ‘water-food nexus’ – for food security, as well as for sustainable development, the United Nations agricultural agency...› more

Scholarships  |  27 Jan 2017

Innovation at the Nexus of Food, Energy, and Water Systems (InFEWS) Fellows Program

The Innovation at the nexus of Food, Energy, and Water Systems (InFEWS) Fellows Program is open to all UC Berkeley PhD and MS students in good standing in any field, with a focus on engineering, physical sciences, natural...› more

News  |  27 Jan 2017

Call for Submissions to Tri-State Nexus Workshop

To facilitate the collaboration across their institutions, vice presidents for research at Washington State University, University of Idaho and Oregon State University will convene the Tri-State FEW Workshop on 10-11 April in...› more

News  |  25 Jan 2017

Reducing Water-Food Nexus Pressures In America

By Robert C. Brears. With agricultural production already accounting for the majority of water consumption in the U.S. and water scarcity likely to affect nearly every state, water-food nexus pressures are likely to intensify in...› more

News  |  25 Jan 2017

Big Data and the Nexus // Stanford Earth launches new Big Data course

By Danielle Torrent Tucker. Big Data, which includes massive sets of information from sources like archives, satellites, smart phones and remote-sensing devices, has become cheaper and more accessible than ever. With the...› more

News  |  22 Jan 2017

Africa // Africa needs to manage food, water and energy in a way that connects all three

By Agathe Maupin and Mercy Mwanikah Ojoyi. There is an increasing global demand for food, water and energy. All three are inter-linked, a fact that has increasingly become the focus of attention for policy makers and governments....› more

News  |  20 Jan 2017

On the ground // How MIT engineering students are seeking to solve major food and water security problems

By Carolyn Schmitt. Food and water are two necessities for survival, but what happens when a changing climate in key agricultural regions threatens crop production? Or when the quality of milk cannot be ensured as it is exchanged...› more

News  |  18 Jan 2017

Balancing Climate and Development Targets Through a Water-Energy-Food Nexus approach: Lessons from Amazonia and Indonesia

Using a ‘Water-Energy-Food Nexus’ approach can help policy-makers navigate the trade-offs involved in working towards economic growth and sustainable development. Helen Bellfield of the Global Canopy Programme describes how CDKN...› more

News  |  18 Jan 2017

Call for Applications // Transdisciplinary workshops on the impacts of urbanization on the food-energy-water nexus

The Belmont Forum, START, Future Earth, and regional partners seek applications to participate in a skill-building opportunity on conducting transdisciplinary (TD) research. The workshops will focus on advancing principles of...› more

Results 1 - 20 / 395