event 02 Nov 2022

Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme MENA // Policy Roundtable Session in Cairo on upscaling demonstration projects in Egypt

On 10th October, the first event of a Policy Dialogue Series to upscale the Water-Energy-Food Nexus farm project in Egypt took place in Cairo. The event was attended by representative from the delegation of the European Union to Egypt and gathered key stakeholders.

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October witnessed the start of Policy Dialogue Series of events as part of the upscaling of nexus farms project in Egypt. On 10th October, the first event took place in Cairo, attended by representative from the delegation of the European Union to Egypt. The event gathered key stakeholders including League of Arab States (LAS), Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD), UNDP, IFRP in addition to private sector.

Discussions during the policy dialogue

The event included several sessions tackling challenges and opportunities faced by farmers regarding installation and upscaling of nexus farms in Egypt and how an integrated policy can support overcoming the challenges faced.

Since one of the challenges faced by farmers is the lack of access to funds and financial support, this event will be followed by a dedicated policy dialogue session gathering all relevant financial institutions as an essential stakeholder towards building strong network between farmers and financial institutions.

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