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Nexus Blog // The Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme received an award for promoting innovative Nexus solutions

The Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme in Latin America and the Caribbean, together with the ProAgenda 2030 program in Bolivia, was recently awarded EUR 17,000 from an innovation fund of the GIZ-sponsored Environmental Management and Rural Development Network in Latin America and the Caribbean (GADER-ALC) to develop a workstream for promoting innovative solutions using digital tools for sustainable development in the water, energy and agriculture sectors.

The Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme together with its regional partner CEPAL (United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean - ECLAC), will foster intersectoral connections and collaboration linkages among water, energy and food sectors to support the 2030 Sustainable Development Objectives among different GIZ programs and its counterparts. By using virtual platforms, policy makers and implementers will be informed on the WEF Nexus approach and its application in context of the Agenda 2030.  In addition, the workstream seeks to showcase concrete experiences that support the 2030 Agenda, to implement an online course on the linkages between Nexus and the SDGs, and an online course regarding monitoring of SDG and climate change (Nationally Determined Contributions, or NDCs) indicators.

The GADER-ALC network is part of the GIZ Sectoral networks, which promote learning and cooperation in the region by creating new connections and stimulating innovation in the areas of environment, biodiversity, water, energy, agriculture, climate and cities. The regional network facilitates exchange through regional conferences, strategy meetings and task teams, thereby creating value added for the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Directorate General for Development Cooperation of the European Union (DG-DEVCO, EU) and other trusted partner organizations. 

For further information, please contact , Regional Coordinator of the Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Nexus Principles // The Water, Energy and Food securiy Nexus Principles

The Water-Energy-Food security Nexus Principles guide towards the application, implementation and operationalisation of the Water-Energy-Food security Nexus (WEF Nexus) approach in different contexts. The Principles were developed by practicioners based on their experience and grounded in research.

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Publication // Beyond hydropower: towards an integrated solution for water, energy and food security in South Asia

By Rasul, G., Neupane, N., Hussain, A., & Pasakhala, B. (2019). This article provides an overview of current WEF-resource challenges in South Asia, and delivers potential angles for improvements that could be derived by implementing the Nexus approach, with a focus on hydroelectrial power and development of waterways. This is an excerpt of the original article, which can be accessed below.

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Publication // Mainstreaming the Water-Energy-Food Nexus through nationally determined contributions (NDCs): the case of Brazil

By Paim, M. A., Salas, P., Lindner, S., Pollitt, H., Mercure, J. F., Edwards, N. R., & Viñuales, J. E. (2020). This article gives insight into what role the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) of the 2015 Paris agreement might play in furthering the Nexus approach in Brazil. This is an excerpt of the original article, which can be accessed below.

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