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Innovation Challenge // Innovation Challenge 2020: Mechanization, Digitalization and Renewable Energies in the Agricultural Sector

The GIZ Agricultural Innovation Fund is currently looking for innovative ideas of entrepreneurs, start-ups and small enterprises that make the agricultural and food sector more efficient and sustainable along the entire value chain in the GIZ partner countries in South East Asia, Africa and India. Participants of the Innovation Challenge 2020 can win support packages in each category. Apply until the 14th of April 2020!

Innovation challenge 2020

Please see the description of the Innovation Challenge beyond in French // Veuillez consulter la description du Innovation Challenge au-delà en français

The global community has set itself the goal to end hunger by 2030. To achieve this, agriculture must become more efficient and sustainable along the entire value chain. Current approaches are not sufficient to achieve this. Practicable and regionally adapted innovations are needed. The Agricultural Innovation Fund aims to promote these. Apply now with your idea for Africa and South East Asia!

What kind of innovations is the Innovation Challenge looking for?

It is looking for innovative ideas that make the agricultural and food sector more efficient and sustainable along the entire value chain in the GIZ partner countries. The Innovation Challenge has three main focuses:

  • Mechanization
  • Digitalization
  • Renewable Energies

In these areas, innovations that offer new approaches that lead to positive changes and from which many people in the partner countries will benefit, are looked for. This could be for instance a new kind of harvester, a new process design or a new way of cooperating with one another.

Who can apply?

Start-ups and small businesses from the participating partner countries in Africa and South East Asia can apply. The innovation must be suitable for the partner countries. It is important that the participants of the Innovation Challenge also contribute with their idea to a common good and sustainable development in African and Southeast Asian countries.

There are three competition categories – you can choose!

Each participant can apply for one of the following categories:

1) Mechanization in the context of agriculture
2) Digitalization in the context of agriculture
3) Renewable energies in the context of agriculture

There will be first-place winners in each category as well as second- and third-place winners. The focus of all categories is the development of the innovation for application in the participating partner countries.

What can be won?

The three winners of each category will receive a support package which will be individually tailored to their innovation, with a total value of up to EUR 50,000. The package of the second-place winners is worth up to EUR 20,000 and the third-place winners up to EUR 10,000.
The support packages can contain the following elements, which can be selected individually or combined with each other:


Financing of experienced mentors who advise and support you in the development of your company.


Contacts and a well-developed network are essential. Benefit from the extensive network that GIZ can offer you with public, private and political partners. Become part of the GIZ Innovation Community and exchange ideas with other companies worldwide. We can open doors and enable networking.


We finance studies to make you fit for the market. This includes market analyses and feasibility studies.

Innovation challenge 2020

For further Information, please visit: ic2020.worldwithouthunger.org

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